Mina Baie Harnesses Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform to Boost Sales

Mina Baie Harnesses Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform to Boost Sales ---- 2 min read

Live Shopping is fast becoming a preferred choice amongst Brands today. It empowers brands with storytelling and engagement to Boost Sales and shorten Purchase Paths. To leverage the same, Mina Baie adopted Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform and is witnessing a Boost in Sales, Customer Engagement and more.

A Los Angeles-based brand, Mina Baie designs bags to help women seamlessly and stylishly transition through different phases of their lives. The brand aims to make their customers’ closets more functional by allowing them to mix and match their clothes and accessories with ease.

Client Success Story of Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform

Here is how the brand benefited by using Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform:

  • A live shopping show combines live video with entertainment and shopping, delivering the ultimate online shopping experience. It gives the brand a chance to interact with their customers and answer their questions on the spot, taking advantage of the momentum. 

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  • Our platform enables buyers to interact with recorded shows of the brand, at their own pace. Some customers won’t be able to attend the live show. And that’s ok. Keeping the experience on your website after the live show has ended continues to bring in sales for the brand. 
Successful Clients of Channelize.io
  • Using Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform to engage shoppers in an immersive shopping experience is generating outstanding results for the Brand. Additionally, it’s a two-way communication channel, which helps brands better understand their buyers.
  • All this is leading the brand to generate sales, build trust, increase engagement, showcase creativity, and stay in direct contact with their buyers. The customers are also enjoying their improved online shopping experiences offered by the brand.
Clients boosting success with Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform


With Live Video Shopping, brands and their customers are no longer separated by the inherent distance created by eCommerce. Having a real person showcase your products in real-time humanizes your brand and encourages consumers to relax and enjoy the experience. This is why brands across industries are increasingly leveraging Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform.

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Furthermore, if you would like to learn more about how Channelize.io can help your brand, feel free to book a demo.

Disclaimer: The Brand name Mina Baie and the brand logo are properties of minabaie.com.

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