Livestream Shopping Platform Updates: June 2021

Livestream Shopping Platform Updates: June 2021 ---- 3 min read

After a successful rollout of new features in May, we are back with a list of updates that will take your live selling game to a next level.

This month we’re announcing:

So let’s dive in:

Product Spotlight Feature

With this update, Hosts can spotlight products during a live shopping show to drive conversions. Whenever a host wants to spotlight or highlight one product amongst all those being promoted in a shopping show, they can easily select that, and the buyers will see that product stand out separately.

So What are the use cases of this feature? Great Question!

Calling attention to a specific product at a particular time can create shopper anxiety and urge them to make sales sooner.

You can leverage this feature to talk about what makes a particular product special, and promote it at the same time.

Also spotlighting a product while talking about it or showcasing its application enables shoppers to see that product in action while adding it to their cart. This helps them make an informed decision.

Improved reliability of Live Video Streams – Handling poor network connections

Think about it! You are running a live shopping show that’s being attended by a large number of buyer audiences. What if some of your audiences have poor network connectivity? 

We’ve handled this situation well, and such buyers will still experience your shopping shows well, albeit with a lower resolution stream.

Live Network Quality Indicator for Hosts

One of the most important goals of a live shopping show is to create a positive customer experience and the network quality of the host directly impacts that experience. Our Livestream Shopping Platform supports HD Quality live video streams, which require a good quality network at the host’s end.

Our iOS & Android Broadcaster Apps for hosts now indicate pre-show and during-the-show live network quality indicator to the host. Thus, if a host should switch from their mobile network to a Wifi, then they can make such decisions easily.

This new update also increases the reliability and quality of our Live Video Streams.

Reminder Emails for Hosts & Store Admins

There’s always a chance of forgetting a scheduled live shopping show.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have someone to alert you prior to a scheduled live shopping show?

Well, good news – we have rolled a feature to remind hosts as well as admins about their upcoming live shopping shows. We will now remind you timely via emails so that you don’t miss out and at the same time prepare for your show in advance. Helpful, ain’t it?

More Improvements & Updates

We have updated the layout of our recorded or previously live shopping shows so that your customers can now scroll through the recorded shows and tap to play and pause.

Progress Bar for Recorded Shows

For previously live shopping shows audiences can now track-to any specific part of a show.

Tap to Play or Pause

To offer a more native show experience to your customers we have added this feature whereby they can simply tap on a recorded show to play and pause.

Until Next Time

Thank you for selling live with! We are constantly polishing our platform and adding new features enabling you to reach your goals faster and higher. If you have a feature request, we’re all ears, just write to us at

In case you missed it, check out our updates from last month and if you’d like to see a demo of our platform to learn how you can drive more revenue and be loved by your customers, click here.

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