Livestream Shopping for Skincare & Beauty Brands

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Skincare and Beauty products are one of the highly personal categories to shop for, whether online or in-store. While shopping, every shopper will have unique considerations regarding their skin type, hair texture, age, and skincare concerns.

There’s a reason why departmental stores traditionally staff large beauty departments with individual consultants. 

But when you bring that experience online, the human touch is lost. There are countless seemingly similar products, making it difficult for shoppers to differentiate one from the other. Thus making them rely solely on site filters and marketing copy for guidance. If they make the wrong decision, you will ultimately lose them as your shoppers. This is where Livestream Shopping for Skincare & Beauty Brands comes into the limelight. 

Bringing the magic of tailored in-store experiences online and adding the human element that is so important for shopping skincare & beauty products, Livestream Shopping for Skincare & Beauty Brands targets shoppers that need improved product experiences online and guides them to the right product with minimal effort.

Use Cases & Benefits of Livestream Shopping for Skincare & Beauty Brands

Product Demo or Tutorial

A Skincare and Beauty Brand can carry out product demonstrations during a live shopping show. Brands can demonstrate the application of various skin care products and highlight the texture, finish, and feel of a moisturizer in real-time.

If the ideal way to apply a foundation is with a sponge, being shown how to do it during a live shopping show will help shoppers be more confident and successful once they have the product with them.

Furthermore, brands can also launch new skincare ranges based on changing shopper needs by using live video shopping. Launching products live can be an effective demand-creation strategy for your Brand.
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Swatch Shades

Colors can be difficult to distinguish, especially in the beauty industry where every shade of the rainbow can be represented in a dozen different ways.

The internet is full of swatches that don’t provide a clear picture to shoppers. Through Livestream Shopping, brands can showcase their products live and up close to all their shoppers at once. Not only that, but a host can also recommend shades to different shoppers based on their skin complexions during a live shopping show. 

Pro-Tip for Live Shopping Show Hosts: While swatching a product explain how the product is versatile, how long it lasts in different types of weather, day-to-night looks, etc. 

Provide Inclusive Content & show Behind-the-scenes 

Today’s beauty shoppers are looking for brands that encourage being comfortable in one’s own skin, and not shaming them into buying products. And livestream shopping is one of the best ways to encourage body positivity. Brands can host live shows focusing on body positivity, self-care, being confident, enjoying one’s beauty rituals, etc.

Livestream shopping thus enables brands to be transparent and honest about their products and provide the most authentic message. Behind-the-scenes footage, with staff and crew present during live shows, can be some of the other ways to offer inclusive content to shoppers.

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Shop with someone physically similar

Plenty of beauty influencers have carved out a niche based solely on a specific concern from hair color to skin condition.

Brands can host multiple shows with different hosts, with each host (and hence the show) targeting a particular segment of buyers. Brands can also have multiple hosts in the same show for this purpose. Therefore, co-hosting is also an option and is quite effective when selling live.

For example:
Shoppers with acne-prone skin can elect to shop with someone that’s been there and found products that tame their zits.
Women with a 3C hair texture can link up with an influencer that’s got a similar texture.

All this can happen during live shopping shows wherein shoppers can easily relate to hosts /influencers dealing with similar skin or hair concerns.

Compare Products

It is possible for a buyer to get trapped in paralysis analysis if they are considering two or more products but are not sure which one is right for them. Best case scenario – they might order both, with plans to return one. The opportunity to view two products side-by-side makes livestream shopping a practical way for shoppers to weigh their decision and collect more information before purchasing.

Establish trust with first-time Shoppers

Skincare and Beauty products are super personal – which means shoppers can be super reluctant to hit ‘buy’ if they’re new to a brand and don’t have a personal referral for it. The Livestream Shopping experience allows shoppers to have their questions answered, create a community with others who share similar interests and therefore build trust in the brand’s products.

Review value-priced and premium products

Most skincare and beauty brands have premium-priced products in their collections to upsell. Shoppers can sometimes be suspicious of these products when placed side-by-side with a lower-value item, especially if they don’t understand what value the upper-tier product actually delivers. In addition to providing shoppers with all the information they need, livestream shopping may lead them to purchase the more expensive item more often than not.

Selecting Livestream Shopping for Skincare & Beauty Brands

We have helped 30+ Skincare and Beauty Brands achieve fantastic results through the effective use of our platform. Here are some examples.

Skincare and Beauty Brands achieving fantastic results via Live Shopping Platform

Skincare Brands generating sales via Livestream Shopping Platform

Beauty Brands boosting Sales via Live Shopping Platform

Skincare and Beauty Brands achieving Sales with Live Shopping

All you need is a Live Video Shopping Platform that allows you to offer Improved and Live Product Experiences, Shoppertainment, and Interactivity to buyers at scale while giving them easy access to the right products. Curious about how Live Shopping Platform can help with all of this? Book a demo with us today.

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