Lives Stream Shopping comes to Magento powered Stores

Live Stream Shopping comes to Magento powered Stores3 min read

As more and more consumers are turning to e-commerce, D2C Brands and E-commerce Merchants are facing issues of authentically communicating their brand propositions, showcasing their products, and offering in-person shopping experiences. But with the introduction of Live Shopping Platform, brands have been witnessing great success by improving the way customers’ shopping needs are fulfilled.

After months of ideating, designing, developing, and iterating our Live Shopping Platform, we’re proud to announce the rollout of our Plug-and-play Integration with Magento. Magento is an open-source PHP-based eCommerce platform that powers 0.7% of the internet accounting for 12% of all eCommerce sites!

Our Live Shopping platform is being successfully leveraged by numerous brands across the world. While we had earlier launched pre-built integrations for Shopify and WooCommerce, we now have an easy-to-use Livestream Shopping plugin for Magento: “Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin”..

Magento Merchants can now go live for their buyer audiences, showcase their products, engage them, and sell straight from their online stores. Isn’t it easy!

How to Get Started?

“Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin” integrates easily with your existing Magento website, turning it into a fully functional Live Shop with just a few clicks.

1. After installing & activating the extension successfully, the next step is to configure the extension’s General settings. 

2. Sign up for a account, select a subscription plan, and complete the sign-up process.

3. Next, you’ll be taken to your Live Shopping & Video Streams Dashboard, or the Production Dashboard.

4. Now go to your dashboard’s Help & Support page, where you can see your Public & Private Keys as well as other account information. Copy and paste these keys into the extension’s General settings and save the changes.

5. When this is completed, the extension will be successfully configured. You can find your Live Shop Page URL in the extension’s Live Shop Page. This page is also available in Pages with the title Streams.

6. You are now ready to create Shopping Shows in your production dashboard and go Live from broadcaster apps.

To learn more, visit our Help Center. 

The new Magento integration is now live, Are you ready to take advantage?

Live Shopping is becoming increasingly important, not just for shoppers who desire the convenience of online shopping combined with the authenticity of human-driven commerce, but also for businesses who want to stay up with their customers’ changing requirements. 

Our Plug-and-play Integration gives Magento-powered stores the ability to adapt to the digital era, boost their Sales, enhance Product Experiences, Engage with Buyers in Real-time, and Entertain them with content relevant to their Brand and Industry. Furthermore, by enabling all of this on their e-commerce stores, Magento Merchants can enjoy the gains in Engagement and Retention that will stay within their website.

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