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Live Shopping has become a global phenomenon, and 2024 is poised to be a breakout year. Analysts predict the Market Size to reach a staggering $1.2 trillion by the end of the year, with Live Shopping Sales potentially accounting for a whopping 20% of all Ecommerce. As the landscape continues to evolve, the spotlight shines brightly on the talented individuals who bring these experiences to life: the Live Shopping Hosts.

These hosts are at the forefront, showcasing a dazzling array of products across industries like Fashion, Beauty, Tech, and more. Each Host brings their distinctive flair and deep understanding of their field, transforming product presentations into immersive and interactive experiences that captivate global Buyer Audiences.

This article showcases a diverse array of exceptional Live Shopping Hosts, each excelling in their respective fields and regions globally. Through highlighting their talents, our aim is to not only acknowledge their achievements but also inspire Brands and the Live Shopping Community alike.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these outstanding Live Shopping Hosts.

Bunny Hedaya

🌎 Region: United States
🏒 Industry: Skincare, Beauty & Fashion
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Bunny Hedaya
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Bunny Heyada

About: Bunny Hedaya, a Skincare, Beauty & Fashion influencer, brings her stylish sensibilities to the Live Shopping arena. Her Live Shopping Shows for a famous US-based Skincare Brand are characterized by effective product showcases, where she skillfully highlights each item’s benefits and uses, offering an informative and captivating experience for Buyer Audiences.

Bunny’s ability to present products in a chic and approachable manner has made her a beloved figure among Fashion and Beauty enthusiasts.

Caroline M.

🌎 Region: United States
🏒 Industry: Beauty & Fashion
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Caroline
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Caroline M.

About: Caroline M. has garnered recognition as a talented Live Shopping Host across various esteemed platforms, including Amazon, Pinterest, and a Live TV network. With a versatile background spanning diverse categories such as Beauty and Fashion, Caroline brings a wealth of experience to her shows.

Her interactive and engaging style captivates buyers seeking entertainment and valuable product information alike. With notable collaborations with renowned companies like Wayfair, Netgear, Anker, Therabody, and more, Caroline’s charismatic on-air presence makes her shows a must-watch for audiences worldwide.

Carrie Olver

🌎 Region: Canada
🏒 Industry: Beauty & Fashion
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Carrie Olver
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Carrie Olver

About: In the realm of Live Shopping, Carrie Olver reigns supreme as a master storyteller. With a captivating presence honed over three decades, she transcends mere product showcases. Carrie weaves captivating narratives that bring Fashion and Beauty products to life via Live Selling.

Her expertise is further bolstered by a GIA certification, ensuring buyers receive not just entertainment, but also a wealth of product knowledge. But Carrie’s impact extends far beyond the screen. She boasts a proven track record of success, generating over a billion dollars in Sales for major brands. Her trusted guidance, built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge, empowers brands to forge impactful connections and drive significant Sales.

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Dawn Chubai

🌎 Region: Canada
🏒 Industry: Skincare & Beauty
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Dawn Chubai
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Dawn Chubai

About: As the Director of King Willow Management Inc., Dawn Chubai brings over 25 years of broadcasting expertise to the forefront of Live Shopping. With a stellar background in TV hosting, media production, and professional emceeing, Dawn is the driving force behind Dawn Chubai Media Services and Live Selling School. Her passion for education, sales, and advocacy shines through in her ability to create engaging and informative content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

With a mission to empower brands and individuals alike, Dawn is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals in the dynamic world of Live Shopping.

Elena Miller

🌎 Region: Germany
🏒 Industry: Fashion
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Elena Miller
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Elena Miller

About: Elena Miller’s expertise as an entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and self-love expert shines through in her Live Shopping Shows. Her focus on personal development adds a unique dimension to the Live Shopping experience.

Elena’s Live Shopping Shows go beyond mere sales pitches; they provide an enriching exploration of product advantages, tailoring them to meet the specific needs and interests of her Buyer Audiences.

Elizabeth Kressel

🌎 Region: United States
🏒 Industry: Beauty, Fashion, Food & Beverage
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Elizabeth Kressel
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Elizabeth Kressel

About: Elizabeth Kressel, the visionary e-commerce strategist and CEO of Lizard Strategy is a powerhouse in the realm of Shoppable Content. With over 15 years of experience optimizing revenue streams for industry giants like Rakuten, Paramount, and Disney, Liz is renowned for her mantra “Leave No Dollar Behind.”

From launching million-dollar shopping partnerships with A+E Television Networks to pioneering lifestyle-based subscription models, Liz has consistently delivered unmatched results. As the driving force behind BEON, a shoppable OTT channel, Liz continues to revolutionize the way companies engage and convert customers across multiple platforms.

Fellipe Cardoso

🌎 Region: United States
🏒 Industry: Skincare, Beauty & Fashion

πŸ“Έ Instagram: Fellipe Cardosa
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Fellipe Cardoso

About: Fellipe Cardoso is a standout figure in the Live Shopping arena, renowned for his innovative approach and captivating hosting style. With a specialization in CGC & UGC video content, Fellipe brings a fresh perspective to product showcases, helping forward-thinking brands connect with the new generation of consumers. His dynamic and engaging shows, particularly for a popular US-based Skincare Brand, have garnered widespread acclaim.

Leveraging his expertise in creating engaging content in the Men’s Grooming, Skincare, and Beauty Industry, Fellipe excels in showcasing a diverse range of products, from hair styling and care to shaving tools. With a skillset encompassing filmmaking, photography, video editing, and social media marketing, Fellipe is not just a host but a multifaceted creative force driving impactful Live Shopping experiences.

Ilyass Hilal

🌎 Region: Morocco
🏒 Industry: Consumer Electronics & Gaming
πŸ“Έ Instagram: IIyas Hilal
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Ilyass Hilal

About: Ilyass Hilal, with his expertise in social media management, brings a unique and engaging approach to Live Shopping in the Consumer Electronics Sector. His shows are a perfect blend of product knowledge and entertaining presentation, appealing to tech-savvy audiences and gamers alike.

James Cheney 

🌎 Region: Australia

🏒 Industry: Household Products
πŸ“Έ Instagram: James Cheney

πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: James Cheney

About: After years of juggling everything from kitchen knives to exercise gear, cleaning products, and even ribbon decorating kits at consumer fairs, James naturally gravitated towards the glitz and glamor of TV shopping and Live Shows. James thrives on the unpredictable nature of these Live Shopping Shows, each day bringing fresh challenges and exciting guest appearances.

Whether it’s captivating Buyer Audiences with culinary demonstrations or showcasing the power of innovative cleaning solutions, James injects every show with enthusiasm and a dash of humor.  His passion extends beyond mere product discovery, as James actively champions the pursuit of dreams. He imbues each show with a dose of encouragement, inspiring buyers to reach for the stars alongside finding the perfect gadget.

Lauryn Bosstick

🌎 Region: United States
🏒 Industry: Skincare & Beauty
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Lauryn Bosstick
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Lauryn Bosstick

About: Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, the dynamic influencer and creative director behind The Skinny Confidential is making waves in the Skincare and Beauty Industry with her captivating approach to Live Shopping. Hosting engaging shows for a leading US-based Skincare Brand, Lauryn combines her deep passion for wellness with her expertise as a digital content creator, establishing herself as a standout Live Shopping host. 

The Skinny Confidential, recognized by major publications like SHAPE and Women’s Health Magazine, extends beyond a blog to include a book, a podcast, and a YouTube channel, showcasing Lauryn’s diverse talents. Lauryn Bosstick isn’t just hosting; she’s transforming how beauty products are presented and engaged online, making her shows a must-watch for Skincare and Beauty enthusiasts.

Lucia Castells 

🌎 Region: Spain

🏒 Industry: Skincare & Beauty

πŸ“Έ Instagram: Lucia Castells

About:  Lucia, a renowned makeup influencer, has captivated Buyer Audiences with her Live Shopping Shows for a top Spanish Skincare Brand. Her ability to articulate the benefits and uses of skincare products during Live Shopping Shows has made her a trusted and sought-after personality in the Beauty and Skincare Industry.

Michaela Lena Leitz-Aslaksen

🌎 Region: Germany
🏒 Industry: Fashion
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen

πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen

About: Introducing Michaela Lena Leitz-Aslaksen, the driving force behind Confidence&Style, pioneering a Fashion world that celebrates diversity and size inclusivity. With a rich background in fashion, Michaela has been challenging industry norms since 2016, shaping the Confidence & Style movement into a global force for empowerment.

As a Live Shopping Guru, she has a proven track record of driving higher sales conversions and customer satisfaction while significantly reducing returns. With expertise in plus-size fashion, consumer behavior insights, and innovative marketing strategies, Michaela is the ideal collaborator for brands seeking to embrace inclusivity and boost profitability through Live Shopping Sessions.

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Sarah Williams 

🌎 Region:  United States
🏒 Industry:  Beauty & Fashion
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Sarah Williams

πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Sarah Williams

About: Renowned as one of the best Live Shopping Hosts in the industry, Sarah is a seasoned on-air personality and performer with an impressive portfolio. Having appeared on prestigious platforms like QVC, PinTV on Pinterest, CBS, Amazon Prime, Fox Digital, E Network, and Yahoo Productions, Sarah’s expertise spans a wide array of media channels.

In February 2021, she embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with T3 Hair Tools as their spokesperson, representing the brand across various platforms including Amazon Live, QVC, and PinTV, among others. With over 100 live streams under her belt last year and an ambitious goal to double that this year, Sarah’s dedication and skill have earned her recognition as a pioneer in the rapidly evolving shoppable live streaming space. With a philosophy centered around creating opportunities and fostering collaboration, Sarah continues to push the boundaries of Live Shopping, making her a sought-after collaborator and thought leader in the field.

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Tanya Yanaky

🌎 Region: Canada
🏒 Industry: Fashion, Jewelry & Fitness
πŸ“Έ Instagram: Tanya Yanaky
πŸ’Ό LinkedIn: Tanya Yanaky

About: A seasoned host with over two decades of experience, Tanya fosters a warm and relatable atmosphere, ensuring buyers feel comfortable and engaged throughout the buying journey.  She captivates Buyer Audiences with compelling narratives that breathe life into each product, showcasing their true value and functionality.

Her expertise spans a diverse range, encompassing everything from exquisite fine jewelry and fashionable apparel to the latest beauty finds. Tanya’s commitment to lifelong learning ensures her adaptability, allowing her to excel in any product domain and deliver consistently captivating and informative Live Shopping experiences.


These Live Shopping Hosts we’ve explored are just a glimpse into the vibrant future of Video Commerce. Their talent and dedication are paving the way for a more engaging and interactive shopping experience. As technology and consumer preferences evolve, we can expect even more innovative hosts and formats to emerge. 

Interested in being featured among the Top Live Shopping Hosts we’ve showcased, or know someone who deserves a spot? While we’re selective, we’re eager to hear your recommendations about which Live Shopping Hosts should be brought to the forefront through this Article. Let us know by sharing your suggestions or introducing yourself through our form:

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