Live Shopping helping Beauty Ritual build Trust & Transparency with Customers

Live Shopping helping Beauty Ritual build Trust & Transparency with Customers2 min read

The aim of this success story is to show how Live Stream Shopping, also known as Live Commerce, has enabled the brand Beauty Ritual to build trust and transparency with its customers apart from generating Sales. is Canada’s Largest Retailer for Eminence Organic Skin Care, an award–winning, professional skin care line rooted in natural, organic and Biodynamic ingredients. The goal of the brand is to offer complete product recommendations that are personalized to customers’ skin type and concerns. Live Shopping Platform Success Story

Live eCommerce is opening new doors when it comes to how eCommerce brands especially Beauty and Skincare Brands engage and nurture relationships with their consumers. According to a report, 81% of consumers say that they need to be able to trust a brand before they buy from them. Trust is extremely important when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with buyers, which is why Beauty Ritual opted for Live Stream Shopping Platform.

Here is how our platform is helping the Brand:

  • Offers Unmatched Outreach & Scale
  • Easy to Adopt and Use for the brand
  • Gives a face to their Brand
  • Facilitates Bigger Order Sizes and Repeat Purchase Rate
  • Makes them Approachable
  • Creates a Sense of Urgency for their shoppers
  • Works as an effective Sales and Marketing Platform
Success Story of Livestream Shopping Platform

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In addition, the brand is leveraging the following strategies to achieve success with our Platform:

  1. Quote Replies to Customer Queries in Chat 
  2. Highlighting Offers by Pin Message feature 
  3. Showcasing Product use cases
  4. Focusing Products Closeups 
  5. Explaining Product Features and much more.

In a nutshell,

Live Video Shopping in Beauty has great potential. Live Commerce is an obvious choice in this sector as the Beauty Industry is so consultative and shoppers typically rely on experts to help them navigate the multitude of beauty products available to them. All of these factors point to an opportunity for forward thinking brands to get a step ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to get started with a FREE PERSONAL DEMO to see how our Platform can take your brand to the next level. You can also look at some of our client success stories to see the success of our Platform! 

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