Layla Cosmetics Evolves to a Tech-enabled Beauty Brand with Livestream Shopping platform

Layla Cosmetics Evolves to a Tech-enabled Beauty Brand via Livestream Shopping Platform3 min read

To meet the changing customer shopping habits and behaviours, the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry has always been at the forefront of eCommerce innovation and reinvention. Beauty shoppers love watching videos of influencers unboxing new beauty products, beauty experts giving skincare tips and demonstrating how to execute makeup applications.

Livestream Shopping is one such trend that is helping beauty and cosmetics brands meet their changing customer shopping habits and behaviours while they generate Sales. Layla cosmetics, an Italy based beauty and cosmetics brand, turned to Livestream Shopping Platform to reap the benefits of this visibly growing and impact-ful trend.

Our Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform enabled Layla Cosmetics to showcase authenticity, bolster trust among skeptical customers, add value to their brand and drive ongoing conversions and sales.

Client experience with Livestream Shopping Platform

Live video shopping today is digitizing the home shopping experience through apps and websites. Beauty and cosmetics brands can now promote, sell and offer real-time communication, and recommendations on products all in one place. 

Live stream ecommerce keeps viewers engaged with an immersive shopping experience, allowing them to feel a closer connection with the product. With live video shopping, consumers achieve an experience similar to in-person shopping, but with the added comfort of being in their own environment. Hence by eliminating many of the barriers that previously existed between shoppers and brands when purchasing online, brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors via livestream shopping.

What makes Live Shopping so impactful is that it offers brands a number of ways to engage and educate their customers. For instance:

Influencer Collaborations

Customers actively look out for influencers who share similar skin tones and even skin sensitivities. And when you collaborate with influencers to cater to a specific beauty community, community members actually believe in you and they buy products influencers talk about in your live shopping shows.

Furthermore, co-branding with influencers is an effective way of combining two sets of audiences and generating excitement as well as sales and brand-following.


Giving your customers a glimpse behind-the-scenes puts a human face on your brand and removes the shroud of mystery about the inner workings of your brand. This fosters engagement and opens up the familiarity consumers want to feel when they buy your products and services.

Running Limited Time Offers

Live Video Shopping can be an impactful means to generate engagement among customers by introducing them to limited time offers. Shoppers enjoy the sense of unpredictability, drama, and curiosity which you create by running limited time offers during your live shopping shows.

Host a giveaway contest

Live contests during a livestream shopping show are exciting and a proven way to boost views and eventually lead to more sales. Buyers love competing in giveaways, and they love receiving prizes even more. Furthermore, using social media to spread the word about such giveaways will help get your livestream shopping show noticed.

On a Final Note,

In the highly competitive beauty eCommerce industry, Live Shopping is a way of ensuring beauty brands can stand out by allowing customers to make informed decisions. Layla Cosmetics is one such beauty and cosmetic brand that is successfully leveraging our platform to generate Brand Loyalty and Repeated Sales Live Video Platform is not only effective for the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry like we saw in the case of Layla Cosmetics, but our Platform can play a vital role in Sales, Marketing, Brand Improvement and Customer Out-reach for brands across industries. You can also read more Client Success Stories to learn how our Platform is being utilized by brands across industries. So what are you waiting for, Book a FREE DEMO with us or email us at to get started.

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