Keauti Re-invents the Consumer Beauty Experience through Live Stream Shopping Platform

Keauti Re-invents the Consumer Beauty Experience through Live Shopping ---- 2 min read

The mixing of content and commerce is not new. Adding live streaming ecommerce to your marketing stack adds excitement and engagement to the shopping experience that you offer to your customers. Hosts can demonstrate products, go into greater detail about brands, and respond to viewers’ questions during a livestream shopping show. This creates a dynamic experience which converts sales. In addition to boosting sales, it also helps build brand loyalty and awareness, and brings back customers.

Livestream Shopping is already wildly popular among beauty brands as the beauty industry was the early adopter of this trend. Beauty brands have been experimenting with this trend by bringing in celebrities, demonstrating product applications and influencer skincare routines, hosting Q&As with makeup artists and comparing colour swatches etc.

Keauti is one such brand that has joined the wave of beauty brands experimenting with Livestream Shopping. Keauti is an online shop for high-quality Korean care products. The brand offers a diverse range of products carefully put together that combine the best of nature and innovation. 

Clients using Live Stream Shopping Platform

Beauty experiences for brands is all about offering personalized advice, recommendations and engaging with a community without limitations, and to deliver the same Keauti turned to Livestream Shopping platform. The brand is leveraging the trend of Live Video Shopping and enjoying good results, like higher customer engagement and retention rates, enhanced product experiences, increased session time, and revenues.

But what is it about Livestream Shopping that leads to all this?

Live Shopping has a lot to do with human psychology. Live Shopping as a medium is more engaging than other mediums, tugging at viewers’ heartstrings and captivating their attention better than anything else. This emotion and connection can ultimately help convert a Viewer into a Paying Customer. This also helps shoppers remember your brand and hence they keep coming back to you.

Also while you talk about products during a live shopping show, products pop up on screen, enabling shoppers to see products in action while adding it to their carts. This helps them make an informed decision.

Our Live Stream Shopping platform gave a face to the Keauti brand which boosted the brand’s credibility and now the brand is seen as more relevant.

Wrapping it up,

Live video shopping has become table stakes for successful consumer brands in China and much of the rest of Asia and is rapidly spreading to the entire world. Hence this is the right time for your brand to get on to this trend and achieve your business goals. Live Shopping Platform is not only effective for the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry like we saw in case of Keauti but our Platform can play a major role in Sales, Marketing, Brand Enhancement and Customer Out-reach for brands across industries.

You can read more Success Stories of our Live Stream Shopping Platform to know how our Platform is being leveraged by brands across industries. If you’re looking to grow your business with the power of Live Shopping, then you can book a Free DEMO call with us and get started.

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