Iisaka Fuji leverages Live Steam Shopping Platform for selling Seafood

Iisaka Fuji leverages Live Stream Shopping Platform for selling Seafood ---- 2 min read

Selling food and beverages via Live Shopping is big business today with brands selling thousands of products in a matter of seconds, and making a lot of money. Be it one of the below:

  • Heading into a kitchen to show how you make your famous signature dish
  • showing backstage of a fine-dining restaurant
  • Hosting live tasting sessions, or
  • Streaming complementary content like fitness classes by a Healthy Snacks brand

Our Live Stream Shopping platform is leveraged by new-age F&B brands to get the large-scale customer reach that is important for success.Β 

Iisaka Fuji is one such Seafood Brand that has been distributing and importing seafood in Japan since 1995. The brand turned to Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform to create immersive, interactive, and entirely shoppable content online.

Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform comprises a Production Dashboard for Store Admins and Broadcaster Apps for Hosts and Sellers. The broadcaster app makes it effortless for brands to choose anyone to easily host Live Shopping Shows. 

Brands can choose an influencer, celebrity, key-opinion-leader (KOL), industry expert, store owner, brand-employee, or any influential personality, who can speak well about their products, to host their live shopping shows. Our Broadcaster App works really well for F&B Brands as hosts can conduct live shopping shows indoors as well as outdoors and demonstrate products in a super dynamic way, giving customers a 360-degree view, thus developing the confidence in them to buy.

Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform client story

How does Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform help the brand?

  • The brand is leveraging our platform as a way to reconnect with its customers and build an emotional connection
  • Interactive live shopping shows bring products to life as if it is an in-store interaction. Thus, consumers are able to better understand products and purchase them instantly
  • Our platform telescopes consumers’ decision journeys from awareness to purchase, which is traditionally difficult to follow with other marketing tools
  • Our platform is further helping to increase the brand reach and awareness
  • All this is having a positive impact on sales conversion rates, net promoter score (NPS), repeat customer rate, and customer reach.

What’s stopping you from becoming a part of the Live Selling trend? 

Live Video Shopping is one of the most effective ways to sell products today, but if you want to make sure that your experience with live stream shopping is successful then it’s important for you to choose a reliable Live Shopping Platform. Our platform will help you produce a customer focussed experience leading to revenue generation.

If you would like to learn more about how Channelize.io can help your brand, feel free to book a demo.

Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform free Demo

Disclaimer: The Brand name Iisaka Fuji and the brand logo are properties of iisakafuji.online.

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