Hyväkakku spreading awareness about its Cakes with Live Stream Shopping

Hyväkakku spreading awareness about its Cakes with Live Stream Shopping2 min read

Using static images and textual descriptions to promote cuisines and bakery products severely restricts their appeal to customers. That is why Food and Beverage Brands have moved towards a better and more engaging method to showcase their products – Live Stream Shopping.

The advanced commerce technology allows brands to present their products in real-time to customers. This allows them to see exactly how the dishes are prepared, and more importantly, how delicious they look in comparison to unmoving images.

Hyväkakku, a cake-based brand, understood the importance of Live Stream Shopping and reached Channelize.io to make use of it. Our team of Livestream Shopping experts helped the brand integrate Live Shopping functionality into their website.

Channelize.io Live Video Shopping Platform Client story

It allowed them to host multiple Livestream Shopping Shows where they showcased different types of cakes and the ingredients they possess. Their festival-centric shows were a massive hit, as it established an instant Interpersonal Connection with customers.

With Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform, the cake brand also unlocked benefits, such as:

  • Specialized Live Stream Shopping Shows for specific cakes (wedding, Easter, etc,)
  • Conducted festive-centric shows to entice more customers 
  • Showcased the cakes in real-time to better explain their taste, ingredients, size, etc.
  • Held Live Q&A sessions to know more about their audience and spread brand awareness
  • Presented multiple cakes during Live Shopping Shows leading to impulsive and bulk purchases 

Since the brand conducted specialized Live Shopping Shows for specific cakes, customers were able to find the right products. It established a seamless shopping experience with quick and informative purchases. Their continuous frequency also led to more customers knowing about their brand, as the brand presented itself in an intuitive way.

Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform success story

In addition, the brand noted an average Total Engagement Rate of 40.5% during their Live Shopping Shows. At the same time, their Add to Cart Rate averaged around 30.25% while the Product View Rate remained at an average of 39.5%. The numbers show how the brand witnessed constant customer engagement and sales increase throughout their shows.

Closing Words

Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform is the choice of 300+ global brands from Fitness, Apparel, Food, to Beauty and many more industries. With our assistance, any brand can establish two-way communication to increase their customer interaction and community size.

So what are you waiting for?

The time and opportunity to unleash your full potential is here. With Channelize.io, you can harness the power of Live Stream Shopping into your website or app instantly. Book a free demo today and learn how our Livestream Shopping experts can increase your brand awareness and sales.

Disclaimer: The Brand name Hyväkakku and the brand logo are properties of www.hyvakakku.fi/ 

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