How Wopilo is generating Sales via Live Selling Platform?

How Wopilo is generating Sales via Live Selling Platform? ---- 2 min read

In this success, let us decode how Wopilo is generating Sales via live Selling Platform.

The Objective

Live Selling is fast becoming a preferred choice amongst Brands today. It empowers brands with storytelling and engagement by bridging the online and in-store gap leading to a boost in Sales. The brand Wopilo thus approached after discovering how Live Shopping can bridge the online and in-store gap leading to Sales.

Wopilo is a France-based brand that offers the perfect balance between comfort and cervical support through its collection of pillows. It all started in 2017 with the Wopilo pillows and today, it is a team of enthusiasts. The team is dedicated to delivering top-of-the-range and customizable products to its customers. So with the objective to boost sales the brand jumped to our Platform and is witnessing huge sales and customer engagement.

Wopilo is generating Revenue & engagement via Live Video Shopping Platform

The Solution

Live shopping shows allowed the brand to introduce new products effectively and give buyers an exclusive chance to order from them before they sold out. Live Shopping shows are hosted by hosts who showcase product benefits and use-cases while talking with audiences.

Thus by leveraging real-time engagement, talking product use-cases and benefits, and effectively using the powerful features of Live Stream Shopping Platform, Wopilo is generating sales via Live Selling Platform.

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Wopilo generating Sales via Live Shopping Platform

The Result 

With Live Shopping, the brand and their customers are no longer separated by the inherent distance created by eCommerce. Real people presenting your products in real-time humanize your brand and encourage consumers to relax and enjoy the experience. This is how Wopilo is generating Sales via Live Selling Platform.

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