How to create an effective Monthly Calendar for your Live Shopping Shows

How to create an effective Monthly Calendar for your Live Shopping Shows5 min read

Amidst a sea of digital noise, D2C and Ecommerce Brands face the challenge of captivating their buyers. By planning a well-structured Monthly Calendar for hosting Live Shopping Shows, brands can avoid losing out on the immense potential of Live Shopping and missing the opportunity to build meaningful connections with their Buyers and Boost Sales.

By having a clear schedule, brands can ensure Consistent and Regular Live Shopping Shows, building anticipation among their buyers, and encouraging Repeat Viewership and Purchases. This organized approach also enables them to showcase different products during each live shopping show, keeping shows fresh and appealing to their buyers. Additionally, with a well-thought-out Live Shopping Calendar, brands can effectively promote their upcoming shows, generating excitement and attracting a larger audience. 

Well, the benefits are endless. Let’s find out MORE!


Benefits of creating a Monthly Calendar for your Live Shopping Shows?

Ensures Consistency

Brands should have a good frequency of Hosting Live Shopping Shows to build viewership and keep shoppers coming back. Brands must engage with buyers on a consistent basis and with a frequency that makes sense for their audience and brand. A monthly Live Shopping Show Calendar helps brands establish a regular schedule for their live shopping shows. 

Essentially, with a monthly plan, brands can be more consistent with their Live Shopping Shows, resulting in a higher Conversion Rate.

Marketing of Shows

Having a monthly Live Shopping Calendar allows you to market your Live Shopping Shows more efficiently and ensures that your buyers are aware of upcoming shows and encourages them to mark their calendars, leading to increased Participation and Engagement.
Here are some of the ways you can market your live shopping shows.

Strategize and cover all Content Types

A well-crafted monthly calendar lets you curate diverse and engaging content for each Live Shopping Show. Be it taking buyers behind the scenes, launching a new product line, offering complementary content, or demonstrating product application while offering a limited-time discount and hosting a Q&A session, you can leverage and combine many such strategies when you have a well-planned monthly calendar in place.

This ultimately increases buyers’ enjoyment of your live shopping shows and will ultimately help you keep your existing customers strongly engaged, as well as gain new ones.

Improved Quality of your Shows

An effective monthly calendar can significantly improve the storyboarding of your shopping shows by allowing you to create a narrative flow, where each show builds upon the previous ones, leading to a cohesive and engaging story arc for your buyers.

You can also build a loyal following for your brand by creating compelling narratives that resonate with your buyers.

Better Preparation

With a monthly calendar, you have a clear overview of the upcoming Live Shopping Shows. This allows you to better prepare for each show, ensuring you have the right products, content, and marketing strategies in place. It enables you to maximize the impact of each show. With a monthly calendar, hosts and team members can be well-prepared, ensuring that they are knowledgeable about products, ready to engage with audiences, and able to address any questions or concerns effectively.

Additionally, when you’re well-prepared, you can handle unexpected situations more confidently, making the overall live shopping experience more enjoyable for your Buyers.

Increased Buyer Engagement & Retention

A well-planned monthly Live Shopping Calendar ensures a steady stream of engaging shows, keeping buyers hooked and eager to participate. This also enables you to generate excitement among your audience leading to increased Buyer Engagement and Retention.

Time for Innovations

Planning in advance gives you time to experiment with new ideas, content types and use cases for your live shopping shows. You can test different formats, interactive elements, and technologies to enhance the overall experience.

How can you create an effective Monthly Live Shopping Calendar?

Dedicate Time for Monthly Calendar Planning

A thought-out Monthly Calendar is the backbone of a successful Live Shopping strategy. Hence, investing time in creating an effective Monthly Calendar is the first step to creating an effective Monthly Calendar. Allocate dedicated time to plan and strategize each show, ensuring they align with your brand’s goals and marketing initiatives.

By strategically mapping out when and how your Live Shopping shows will unfold throughout the month, you gain the ability to captivate your buyers with a well-orchestrated series of Live Shopping Shows. 

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Define your Goals

Start by outlining your objectives for the live shopping shows. Are you aiming to increase sales, build brand awareness, engage with your audience, or promote new products? Clearly, by knowing exactly what you want to achieve with each show, you can tailor your content and offerings to align perfectly with your goals.

These objectives thus ensure that each live show serves a purpose and contributes to your brand’s growth.

Furthermore, you can set a rhythm with good practices, and a good frequency of Shopping Shows, which are important to make Live Shopping a powerful Marketing and Sales tool for you.

Identify Key Themes and Topics

Identify key themes and topics for your monthly calendar. This involves a strategic approach that considers your business goals, buyer preferences, seasonal relevance, and current trends. You can cover as many Themes as you can for the content of your Live Shopping Shows and leverage special occasions (Festivals, Holidays, etc). Some of these special occasions include Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year, etc.

Choose the Frequency

Decide how often you want to host live shopping shows in a month. The frequency could be once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month, depending on your capacity, goals, and buyer preferences.

You also need to consider your buyers’ demographics and time zones when scheduling your live shopping shows. Choose dates and times that are convenient for your target buyers to maximize attendance.

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Storytelling and Narratives

Develop narratives around your themes and topics. Storytelling makes your live shopping shows more engaging and memorable. You can create stories that highlight the benefits of your products, showcase customer success stories, or share your brand’s journey.

Consider how to introduce your products in a way that appeals to your buyers’ requirements. Involve your hosts in the storyboarding process to ensure they can effectively convey the brand’s message and connect with buyers. Encourage spontaneity and authentic interactions to create a genuine connection with buyers.

Measuring Success and Iterating

After each show, brands should measure the success of a live shopping show by analyzing Key Metrics like Sales and Engagement Rates. Brands can also take into consideration buyer feedback. 

Based on the data and insights gathered, brands can fine-tune their Live Shopping calendar to continually enhance its impact. Identifying content that resonates strongly with shoppers allows brands to incorporate similar elements in future shows. Iterating on successful strategies ensures a consistent stream of engaging content that keeps buyers excited and returning for more.


To maximize the immense potential of Live Shopping as an effective Sales Channel, brands must create a well-thought-out monthly Live Shopping Calendar. Neglecting this aspect could lead to missed opportunities. And we hope this article will guide you towards the same.

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