How SS Beachwear stands out in Live Shopping Space

How SS Beachwear stands out in Live Shopping Space ---- 2 min read

In this success story let us decode how SS Beachwear stands out in live shopping space.

Client using Live Shopping Platform

The Objective

Developed from the minimalist concept and arm in arm with contemporaneity, SS Beachwear puts in one place simple models for a beach at the weekend and models with the uniqueness that a special occasion requires. Limited editions inspired by the current trend are a hallmark of the brand.

For the brand involved in the online fashion industry, guiding their buyers is a crucial part of their Sales strategy. Educating them on how to combine pieces will enhance their shopping experience. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Guiding shoppers and making them feel more confident in their purchases is the ultimate objective of the brand.

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The Solution

The brand is effectively leveraging the Live Shopping Platform to meet its objectives. During the live shopping shows, the brand mixes product demonstrations with essential fashion advice. Offered by brand ambassadors and hosts of the brand, these suggestions help shoppers make informed decisions. Instead of showcasing unrelated products, shopping shows focus on combining different products to create complete outfits. 

Each shopping show brings with it a new collection. This is the moment when SS Beachwear leverages its authority and partners with different hosts. Together, they create outstanding live shopping experiences and Sales

The Result

Although these live shopping shows hosted by the brand are not focused solely on selling, but rather on educating shoppers, the results are always above expectations. On average, a live shopping show has a Conversion Rate of around 30%.

At the same time, our platform is helping the brand to increase their average ticket size. By showcasing complementary products, the brand is helping shoppers create complete outfits. After all, for any fashion item, there is at least one accessory that increases its value. This is how SS Beachwear stands out in live shopping space by leveraging Live Shopping Platform.

Client using Livestream Shopping Platform to boost Sales

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