A Guide to Top Live Streaming Equipment for Livestream Commerce

A Guide to Top Live Streaming Equipment for Livestream Commerce ---- 6 min read

So, you’ve decided to enhance your Live Stream Shopping setup or you’ve at least started to do your research. Choosing right equipment can be challenging and time-consuming. Let us help!

In this blog, we have put together a list of basic equipment that can help you make the most of your live shopping shows. 

Digital Equipment for Live Streaming Shopping

Live Shopping Platform

A Live Stream Shopping Platform is a software tool that helps brands to host their live shopping shows, connect with their customers in real-time, and eventually lead to sales. Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform is one such tool that enables Brands across Industries, D2C Brands, and E-commerce Merchants to leverage the power of Live Selling and Real-time Buyer Engagement to Accelerate Sales, Drive Authentic Customer Engagements and Enhance Brand Perception. 

Our Livestream Shopping Platform makes it very easy for any chosen host for a Shopping Show to Go Live. Hosts can easily Go Live using our iOS & Android Broadcaster Apps for Hosts, and Shopping Shows can also be streamed using external cameras and professional videography setups via Live Streaming Softwares like OBS, vMix, Ecamm, etc. Also by leveraging our platform you can get started with Live Stream Shopping on your Ecommerce Platform within just 10 mins. Isn’t that Quick? 

Furthermore, the quality of your Live Shopping Shows can be enhanced for buyer audiences by improving finer aspects in hosting shows, like video stability, lighting, ambient sound, etc.

Here is what makes our Live Stream Shopping Platform successful:

  • Integrates easily with your existing ecommerce platform
  • Enables you to retain your brand experience fully
  • Offers improved and entertaining shopping experiences
  • Facilitates impulse buying for audiences without leaving the live experience
  • Works as an effective sales and marketing platform
  • Enables you to start for free and upgrade as you scale-up

Read our Client Stories and see for yourself the success of our Platform.

Physical Equipment for Live Stream Shopping

Stabilizing Gear

Stabilizing Gears allow you to host shows yourself without needing someone else to operate the camera. Whether you’re hosting indoors or outside, a stabilizer is a must-have. Hence, depending on where you plan to host your shopping shows and what you plan to showcase, you can invest in a Stabilizing Gear.

1. Tripod Stand

With a good tripod stand by your side, you can set up your streaming device anywhere without compromising video stability. Without a stable place to put the device, you limit the angles you can use during your live shopping show. Additionally, if you set up the device on an unstable surface, there is a risk of knocking over and damaging the device accidentally. Tripods can be a full-length tripod or a little one that is placed onto a table.

Live Stream Shopping Equipments

2. Gimbal

When it comes to mobility, a tripod isn’t the best option. So If you need something a bit more agile this is where a gimbal comes into play. Gimbal can help you go live while you’re on the move. Gimbal is lightweight and compact and enables a host to move side to side, up and down, or back and forth, while firmly holding a device. This is especially beneficial if you are hosting your live shopping shows outdoors, for example, showcasing a destination, hotel property, and tour experiences.

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Equipments for Live Stream Shopping

Lighting Gear 

While hosting a live shopping show, your lighting doesn’t need to be fancy, rather it just needs to be effective. The main goal is to make a host showcasing products the focus of the audiences’ attention, while also avoiding any unsightly shadows on the face. 

1. Three-point Lighting 

Three-point lighting is all about creating a three-dimensional look that enables a host to be equally lit from all angles. Three-point lighting which includes a main/key light, fill light, and a backlight brings warmth, depth, and quality to your live shopping show. Furthermore, you can adjust the ratios and brightness of all three lights, and play around with the distance between them and your subject. 

Live Streaming Ecommerce Equipments

Image Credits: https://academyofanimatedart.com/understanding-the-basics-of-3-point-lighting/

2. Ring Light

Ring lights are the most popular lighting tool that can be used to provide even and diffused lighting to a subject. Ring light is especially popular among beauty and cosmetics brands because of the shadowless soft light it produces that allows audiences to see every detail of a product and its application.

Equipments for Live Streaming Commerce

Audio Gear

Most smartphones can capture audio to some extent, but built-in microphones aren’t the best. They tend to record at a noticeably lower quality than a dedicated microphone and are at the mercy of external noise like wind, traffic, or an insistent air conditioner. Hence getting an external mic is essential for impeccable live shopping shows.

1. Lavalier Microphones
Lavalier Microphones are omnidirectional microphones that you can easily clip to your clothing when you go Live. The great thing about lavalier mics is that they allow you to go live hands-free. Hence you can demonstrate product applications effortlessly.

Equipments for hosting Livestream Shopping Shows

Image Credits: https://myelearningworld.com/best-lavalier-microphones/

2. Shotgun Microphone
Shotgun Microphones are directional microphones that offer a considerable degree of extraneous noise reduction. Good quality shotgun microphones can also cut down echo when you are hosting shows indoors. A shotgun mic is perfect if you are hosting Live Interviews or inviting influencers to your show. 

Boosting sales with Channelize.io live stream shopping platform

Pop Shields and Adjustable Arms

A pop shield and an adjustable arm are the other two attachments that are not really necessary but can be useful. Pop shields prevent literal audio pops, which are very distracting and annoying for audiences to hear. Adjustable arms are similar to the camera stand, they provide you a convenient way to move the mic around in various positions comfortably. With these accessories, you can make the most out of your microphones, and the audience will notice.

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NOTE: All equipment mentioned above are cost-effective and are easily available online.

Boosting sales with Channelize.io live streaming ecommerce platform

Putting it Together

Once you set up your ideal Live Stream Shopping System, your buyers’ experiences with your products and brand, as well as the sales figures, are going to be all worth it! Our Platform will make it really easy and effortless for you to host live shopping shows and boost the engagement of buyers with your brand.

Ready to give Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform a try? Take advantage of our all-time free plan and get started with Live Streaming Commerce.

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