Good Avenue Commits to Livestream Shopping Platform for Elevating Sales

Good Avenue Commits to Livestream Shopping for Elevating Sales ---- 2 min read

Viewing products held in the hands of a host, hosting a live stream shopping show provides consumers with more information than a traditional eCommerce site.

How do the colours look in different lights, how do the materials flow or move, what size is the piece in relation to the model’s body, and so on. It provides far more of the in-store experience and expert advice than eCommerce and other social shopping channels ever could. This is what makes brands across industries jump on this bandwagon of Live Stream Shopping.

In this success story, you will see how Live Video Shopping Platform is being embraced by Good Avenue. 

Good Avenue is an online store that sells kitchenware, healthcare, beauty products etc of various brands. The brand believes that by collaborating with small brands, they can enable them to reach the right audience and shine on Good Avenue. Live Stream Shopping Success Story

This is how Live Streaming Commerce Platform benefits the Brand:

1. Live storytelling is giving the brand an opportunity to engage with customers in an effective way, build their confidence by answering questions and discussing their pain points

2. A big appeal of live streaming ecommerce for the brand is the ability for buyer audiences to better engage with products in a digital medium as they look to emulate the touch and feel experience online 

3. Live video shopping is further breaking down the barrier between physical and digital for the brand

4. Live streaming commerce is enabling the brand to create an engaging product discovery experience for their customers

5. With live stream shopping, customers often feel that they will lose the bargain if they don’t place their order during a livestream shopping show itself. This creates a sense of urgency and urges them to shop which is a plus point for the brand

6. Well, the best part is the Custom RTMP Support feature which the brand is successfully leveraging to go live with Pre-recorded Shows. The brand is also using the feature to host shopping shows featuring multiple hosts located at different locations. Isn’t it Interesting? Live Streaming Ecommerce Success Story

Wrapping it Up

Our platform is helping potential customers to tune in to how the brand conceptualizes, manufactures, and delivers products. It is helping the brand tell their story better thereby generating sales. For a world increasingly engaged by video, Live Stream Shopping Platform is the best way to know your customer, increase average order values and chase faster business growth! 

We can help brands across industries improve sales, marketing, brand awareness and customer outreach through our platform. Get in touch with us at or book a Free DEMO to have a walkthrough of our platform.

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