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We wanted to celebrate the 2022 winter with something special and worth remembering because we believe Live Stream Shopping should be both easy and beneficial for our Clients. 2022 was undoubtedly a successful year when it came to improving our Live Shopping Platform. So before the year ends, we have launched some more product updates to help you make the most of 2022. 

So let’s waste no more time and dive right into the changes we made.

Brand Watermark on Shopping Shows

When thinking of successful brands, one of the first things that pop up is their Logo. With our new feature, brands can now add their logo to their Shopping Shows. This will ultimately foster brand recognition and discovery.

Brands can also market their watermarked shopping shows as teasers or promotional videos which will help advertise their brand. A logo seems professional and assists people in discovering and connecting with your brand and products.

NOTE:’s logo/watermark will appear by default for clients on the Free Plan. For Paid Clients, a setting in the production dashboard will allow them to upload or hide their own logo/watermark for their Shopping Shows.

How does it work?

Step 1:  Log in to your Production Dashboard.

Step 2: Select Settings from the navigation bar.

Step 3:  Additional settings can be found here to either Upload a New Watermark for your Shopping Shows or Hide the Watermark from all of your Shopping Shows.

Brand Watermark on Shopping Shows
Display Brand Watermark on Shopping Shows

So what are you waiting for? Quickly upgrade to the higher plan and make the most of our Live Shopping Platform.

Our Clients on Standard and Custom Plans already enjoy the freedom of conducting Unlimited Live Shopping Shows in their stores. They also avail the benefit of features like Multistreaming and Multi-host Selling. And now with this new update, our Clients can enhance their branding too. Isn’t this a Cherry on the top feel?

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Buyer Interface Improvements

The launch of our New Buyers Interface, Absolute helped our clients Increase Engagement and the impact of their Shopping Shows. To further enhance the experience of buyers we have made some improvements in the Buyer Interface which are as follows:

1. Days label for Upcoming Shows section

2. Improved product details page in Shopping Shows
3. View count label in the Past Shows section

How is this beneficial?

1. View Count and Days label give buyers insights about the shows ultimately grabbing their attention.

2. Improvement in the product detail page enables buyers to see full-size images of products with all their details at a glance. Now there is absolutely no need to go to the product page separately.

3. All these improvements in Buyer Interface make buyer interaction with shopping shows as simple, fluid, intuitive, and efficient as possible.

Days label for Upcoming Shows

Improved product details page in Shopping Shows

View count label in the Past Shows

Chat Playback

The use of Chat during live shopping shows creates a positive customer experience. Letting audiences chat in real-time increases their participation and helps in enhancing their experience by adding liveliness, and engagement to a live show. Our latest update, mimics the Live Shopping Show Chat Messages experience in Past Shows (Recorded), wherein allowing audiences to witness chat messages during a Past Show in the same timeframe as when the show was Live. Isn’t that amazing?

This not only improves the overall experience of your previous shows but also gives the audience the impression of being a part of live shows, which increases their stickiness.

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Custom language Translation

Admins now have control over customizing language phrase changes for the Buyers Interface. Thanks to this Feature, they can now easily overwrite the language phrases for multiple languages with the ones they prefer. 

NOTE: Please note that this is not possible to achieve from the Production Dashboard. To accomplish this, an additional field must be passed in the show’s code snippet.

For more information, please contact our Support Team or your Account Manager.

Better Past Shows experience for Audiences

Keeping in mind that brands experience huge sales from their past/ recorded shows, we have improved the overall buyer experience for past shows amongst other product updates.

This makes the entire shopping experience of buyers faster, smoother, and more pleasant.

Wrapping Up:

The retail e-commerce industry grows every year, with sales reaching approximately $5.2 trillion worldwide in 2021. E-commerce is lucrative but it’s crowded. If you own an e-commerce business right now, Livestream Shopping Platform could be the best way to stand out.

In 2023, we look forward to increasing our impact on our amazing community and reaching new heights so stay tuned for the next product updates. Book a FREE DEMO CTA
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