E-commerce Strategies for Holiday Season 2022 you can’t ignore

E-commerce Strategies for Holiday Season 2022 you can’t ignore ---- 4 min read

Holiday Season 2022 is here! And that calls for putting your ecommerce business on the forefront to grab some attention and drive more Sales to achieve those year end goals you’ve been working on.

Preparing now gives your brand the best opportunity to be ready for the busiest time of the year.

Whether you’re preparing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday or the plethora of other major holidays throughout the year, the information in this article will help you with some important ecommerce strategies for holiday season 2022 that you can’t ignore.

Livestream Shopping for Holiday Season 2022

Livestream Shopping is the modern day version of Home Shopping TV channels like QVC and the Home Shopping Network. It enables brands to stay closer to shoppers by offering exciting opportunities for Product Discovery, Community Formation, Witness Improved Product Experiences, and indulge in Effective Communication. 

In a world where video consumption is increasingly prevalent, Live Commerce is a powerful ecommerce strategy for getting to know your customers, improving Average Order Values, and driving Sales. Hence, this holiday season, adopting Live Stream Shopping as early as possible can be a game changer for your brand.

E-commerce Strategies for Holiday Season 2022

Here are a few ways on how you can make the most of live commerce this holiday season by leveraging Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform.

  • Increase urgency for placing order with promo codes during a show
  • Simulcast your live shows to galvanize social media
  • Organize live auctions and competitions
  • Host product launches & Demos
  • Invite guests and host Q&A sessions

Email Marketing Campaigns

This strategy helps ecommerce brands to take the most advantage of their customer database and persuade them to purchase their products. Emails have a significant role to play in engaging with audiences with unique, branded, personalized content that impresses, and delights consumers. 

Can you imagine what holiday email marketing could do for your business if email marketing can generate all these benefits? Email Marketing provides numerous opportunities to reach out to your consumers with warm, personalized messages that sparks greater joy and excitement for the upcoming holidays. This can help you generate and nurture more leads by gently encouraging your consumers to think of your brand for their holiday shopping needs. In addition, if done well, holiday emails can:

  • Increase average order value
  • Maximize conversions over the holiday season
  • Increase profits and sales

Pro Tip: Before sending a newsletter, classify people into groups depending on their previous shopping behaviors such as what kind of product they purchased, what product they looked for, and so on. Once you understand what customers are in need, you are sure to boost sales this Holiday season 2022.

Live Commerce for festive Season 2022

Omni Channel Shopping Experience

For most ecommerce brands Omni Channel Shopping Experience can be the go to strategy this Holiday season 2022. Omni Channel Shopping Experience is all about enabling your shoppers to get the product they want, whenever and wherever they want to get it. With this in mind, an omnichannel strategy can help you drive sales, customer lifetime value (CLV), and retain customers.

Live stream shopping is also a great omnichannel marketing strategy. From a brand point of view, live commerce removes barriers between retailers and shoppers. Allowing deeper communication and an opportunity to nurture high-value loyal customers. From a consumer point of view, they experience consistent communication across all channels and receive an outstanding service where all their needs are met.

Influencer Collaboration

With shoppers spending more time online, influencer marketing is an important channel for enabling shoppers to make their holiday purchases online. When leveraged optimally, influencer marketing can boost digital visibility, brand awareness and product sales during the holiday season 2022.

In addition, shoppers often seek recommendations or online gift guides. With that in mind, as a brand, you can utilize collaborations with influencers in order to bring this value to consumers. 

Livestream shopping is also an effective way to leverage Influencer Marketing. Live commerce because of its LIVE element recreates a sense of authenticity which leads to effective influencer marketing.

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Social Media Marketing

For ecommerce brands, social media marketing has become an increasingly important ecommerce strategy as consumers increasingly use social media. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can boost holiday sales, engage with potential customers and spread holiday cheer. 

This includes creating compelling content on your social media accounts. Connecting with your followers, analyzing data and results, and running social media ads and festive deals and discounts.

Wrapping it up,

The holidays are upon us and this means brainstorming different ways we can use your budget to promote your holiday campaigns. These are some of the most relevant e-commerce strategies to help you get higher sales during this holiday season.

Furthermore, If you’re looking to optimize your store for the Holiday Season 2022, Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform can be the best Choice. Book a FREE DEMO with us to know more about our Platform.

Channelize.io also offers Pre-built Integration available for the popular e-commerce platforms :

Make sure the plugins are installed and activated on the platform they belong to:

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