DSF Antique Jewelry leverages Live Shopping to sell Jewelry

DSF Antique Jewelry leverages Live Shopping to sell Jewelry ---- 3 min read

Live Commerce Platform delivers an interactive experience to elevate Consumer Engagement and Drive Sales. As adoption of Live Stream Shopping grows and the space becomes more competitive, brands are establishing their key goals and identifying investment and collaboration opportunities to make their live streaming content stand out. This is what the brand DSF Antique Jewelry followed and opted for Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform to take the full advantage of live commerce. 

Here are the reasons why the brand considered Channelize.io Live Commerce Platform:

Accelerated Conversions

Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform enabled the brand to fast track the full shopping journey from awareness all the way through to purchase in a matter of minutes. Live stream shopping greatly Reduced Cart Abandonment Rates and Increased Customer Retention by creating a connection with audiences.

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DSF Antique Jewelry elevating sales with Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform.

Increased Competitive Edge

Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform helped the brand increase their brand’s competitive edge by distinguishing them from competitors. It further enabled the brand to strengthen engagement with their existing customers and attract new shoppers.

Boost in Customer Engagement

Live shopping gave the brand a chance to engage with shoppers in a live environment. Tuning into a live shopping show and offering shoppers product tutorials, showcasing clothing on a live model or answering questions as well as providing exclusive discounts, product recommendations and reviews all boosted engagement for the brand.

DSF Antique Jewelry increasing sales with Channelize.io Live Commerce Platform.

Improved Customer Loyalty & Trust

Live stream shopping eliminated the barrier between customers and the brand that can occur in typical online purchasing. Consumers can watch as hosts try on products and share insight in real-time with the forum to comment, ask questions or share their interests. These interactions helped build trust with audiences, helping them feel valued, heard, and part of a bigger experience. This ultimately improved customer loyalty.

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The Takeaway

As one of the hardest-hit retail industries in 2020, the Jewelry industry is primed for a big comeback. Whether you’re selling designer jewelry or fashion jewelry, Live Video Shopping offers you a treasure trove of advantages when it’s done right.

Engage and sell with an expert consultative approach through your online store by staging and styling your items in real-time, and persuade your customers. Do this, and you’ll attract a community of loyal, like-minded customers that always tune in and shop with you.

And, if you want to make live selling easy and effective, you can use Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform to allow your customers to check out and buy your products directly during a live stream show. Automatically capture payments, streamline sales, and get the tools you need as a jewelry brand for increased engagement and sales.

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