Dermalogica finds Success with Live Stream Shopping Platform for their Skincare Brand

Dermalogica finds Success with Live Stream Shopping Platform for their Skincare Brand ---- 2 min read

The skincare industry market size is massive and the industry is not just expanding in terms of sales but is also witnessing an influx of a different consumer base. The success of skincare brands depends on the level of authenticity these brands reflect. The skincare industry cannot work by just displaying products via eye-pleasing images. 

Skincare brands need to convey why a particular product is useful and what difference it will make in the consumer’s skin. This can be done by demonstrating product applications, hosting grooming tutorials and how-to’s, conducting live interviews or Q&A sessions and collaborating with other industry experts or influencers to create content etc. Hence to achieve all this, skincare brands rely on live stream shopping for curating a seamless customer experience that leads to purchase decisions.

Dermalogica achieving success via Live Streaming Commerce Platform

Dermalogica is one such skincare brand that turned to Live Stream Shopping Platform to tap into the power of Live Video Shopping. With the vision to curate a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that would improve skin health, Jane Wurwand started Dermalogica in 1986.

Using our platform, Dermalogica has been able to offer livestream experiences that enables buyers to know about ways to apply products and their benefits, allow customers to interact with the skincare expert hosts, ask questions, receive discounts and bonuses, and purchase products, all as one seamless experience. 

Furthermore, selling live combined with the allure of FOMO (fear of missing out) leads customers to believe that whatever deals and products being promoted will only last during that live shopping show, which increases the likelihood of buying a product on the spot. 

By leveraging the powerful features of our live streaming ecommerce platform like Pinned Message, Language Translation, Product Spotlight, Reminder Emails for Hosts & Store Admins, In-show Add-to-Cart for Promoted Products and many more, the skincare products brand is growing with the power of Livestream Shopping. The brand is witnessing improved audience engagement, brand awareness and credibility, and a significant boost in revenue.

Wrapping it Up Live Stream Shopping Platform has become the perfect bridge between online browsing and in-store shopping for brands across industries. Hence to boost brand’s reputation, generate credibility and provide multiple revenue streams, brands are leveraging our platform.

Refer to our Client Success Stories to know how brands across industries are leveraging our platform to grow and prosper. If you would like to learn more about how can help your brand, feel free to book a demo.

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