Cyber Monday 2022: Six ways to get your Brand Ready and Boost Sales

Cyber Monday 2022: Six ways to get your Brand Ready and Boost Sales ---- 4 min read

The potential Sales and Revenue opportunities Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 can offer to your Brand makes them incredibly important.

One thing is certain: Cyber Monday marks the peak of e-commerce sales every year. Cyber Monday 2022 is a unique opportunity to increase your annual turnover. Hence we’ve put together some tips to help you take advantage of this opportunity in 2022.

Tip: In order to be successful with Cyber Monday Sales, you should start planning for Black Friday first.

Livestream & Shoppable Video for Cyber Monday 2022

Leveraging Live Commerce for Cyber Monday 2022 can allow brands to sell products through Live Selling while providing buyers with an Interactive Experience. Livestream & Shoppable Video allow buyers to purchase products instantly, ask questions in real-time and interact with a host of a brand which in return creates a sense of community. 

Live selling encourages a feeling of immediacy. Live commerce, therefore, makes impulse purchases more informed, because buyers can get a closer look at products through a livestream show.

Besides the fact that Livestream Shopping shows can showcase details such as, how a certain lipstick colour looks on a tanned face, and how a shoe fits. It also shows a brand’s confidence as they are not afraid to showcase the functionality of their products in real-time.

Leveraging Live Commerce Platform for Cyber Monday 2022

Wondering how to get started with Live Video Shopping? We’ve got an entire guide dedicated to it. You can also see a walk through of Live Stream Shopping Platform and see how it can help accelerate your goals while providing an exceptional Customer Experience this Cyber Monday 2022.

Update your Website

Your website is the foundation that supports your entire Cyber Monday strategy. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to make a single sale. Besides effective graphics and clear content, your site must be able to handle the influx of visitors anticipated for Cyber Monday 2022.

Your website needs to be responsive and fast as well as easy to navigate. 

With so many time-sensitive deals, if your shoppers can’t find your offers quickly, they’ll leave to go to your competition. Also you don’t want your site crashing during the middle of a sale.

Reach Out to Affiliates 

Affiliates are going to be the engine for much of your holiday campaign efforts. By working with influencers and affiliates, you’ll be able to increase your brand’s reach, raise awareness of your sales, and drive relevant buyers to become new customers. As a result, you should get your promotions to these affiliates as soon as possible so that they can develop the best content for your audiences.

Additionally, be sure to maintain communication with affiliates throughout the entirety of the BFCM Season.

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Create Urgency with Timers

Creating urgency is the name of the game on Cyber Monday. 

If there is no urgency to purchase, shoppers will wait until another time of year to make their decision and will not be motivated to buy. Limited stock creates urgency, but timers and countdowns can also be used to create a sense of urgency.

You can do this by sending out daily emails counting down to the day, posting social media updates, or by adding a literal clock to your website or online store through a countdown clock plug-in.

Create Urgency with Timers

Offer a special Cyber ​​Monday discount

Buyers want bargain prices from Cyber Week promotions. Some brands now offer discounts of up to 40%. As a result, it’s important to be generous and offer a significant discount while keeping the commercial margins accurate. Consider making an offer different from your Black Friday offer, or extending your promotion until Cyber ​​Monday. 

Amazing Cyber Monday discounts can be the key to convince customers and ultimately generate sales.

Offer a special Cyber ​​Monday discount

Your Brand Needs a Cyber Monday 2022 Plan

If you want to succeed with your efforts for Cyber Monday 2022, you need to plan in advance and know what trends to keep an eye on. Planning can’t happen soon enough, but it’s never too late to get started, no matter the size of your brand. Live Stream Shopping Platform seems to be a sure-fire Solution to increase Customer Engagement, Retention and Product Sales for Cyber Monday 2022. This entertainment-meets-shopping combination seems to be profitable for Brands as well as for Shoppers. 

If your brand wants to take its Live Shopping to new heights this holiday season, Book a FREE DEMO with us .

We also offer Plug-and-play integration plugins/apps available for the popular e-commerce platforms listed below. And we will provide extensions for other e-commerce platforms shortly. 

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