CompAsia Harnesses Livestream Shopping Platform for selling Mobile Phones

CompAsia Harnesses Livestream Shopping Platform for selling Mobile Phones2 min read

Livestream Shopping offers multiple opportunities for brands in practically any field. Hence brands across industries are beginning to experiment and adopt this technology. In this success story you will see how Live Shopping Platform is embraced by CompAsia – a popular consumer electronics brand in Malaysia.

CompAsia is a Malaysian brand that believes in transforming smart device ownership – by maximising affordability and minimising e-waste. 

Consumer electronics are usually big ticket items and often have a long consideration process for purchases especially when you are selling online. Livestream Shopping gives consumer electronics brands a better voice in explaining their products and eventually driving sales. 

Clients using Live Streaming Commerce Platform

Our Live Stream Shopping Platform enables CompAsia to make connections with its buyers, a two-way street which accelerates sales everytime the brand hosts a live shopping show. 

Also, using analytics to measure the success and effectiveness of a live shopping show enables the brand to monitor the ROI they made during a livestream shopping show. Furthermore, analytics tracking enables the brand to modify their content and delivery approach for utmost impact.

Our platform also allows the brand to easily market their live shopping shows via Social Media to create buzz, get traffic and increase sales impact. All this had a positive impact on customer engagement and retention, improved brand awareness and image, repeat visits, session time and ultimately sales conversion rate.

On the Whole…

Livestream Shopping satisfies the immediate purchasing desire that the content creates for viewers – something that traditional and other online content formats aren’t capable of doing. 

Live Streaming Shopping creates a seamless path to purchase that doesn’t interrupt the buyer’s content experience and enjoyment. This is  why brands across industries are increasingly leveraging Livestream Shopping Platform.

Meet our Happy Clients who are taking advantage of Live Shopping Platform and scaling their businesses. Live Streaming Commerce Platform Clients

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