Cloverdilly Kids Embraces Livestream Shopping Platform for selling Kids Apparel

Cloverdilly Kids Embraces Livestream Shopping Platform for selling Kids Apparel2 min read

It’s always difficult to predict the success of product launches. But what happens with an online product launch when you can meet your customers in real time? For Cloverdilly Kids, the brand created by Emily in 2018, it means an enhanced brand image, effective connection with their buyer community and an unimaginable boost in sales.

How did they do it? By leveraging Live Stream Shopping Platform, the brand is producing eye-catching Live Shopping Shows that is helping them Accelerate Sales, Drive Authentic Customer Engagement, and Bridge the Online-offline Gap.

Instead of just relying on other platforms, Emily decided to host live shopping shows via Live Video Shopping platform because of a number of reasons:

  • Customers can simply add products appearing on the live shopping show window to their cart while being a part of a live shopping show
  • With features like Product Spotlight, promoted products can be highlighted to drive customer curiosity
  • Our platform gave Emily the opportunity to own her content which is not possible with other platforms
  • Not only can you explain and showcase the featured products in-depth, but the platform also has an interactive live chat feature so that shoppers can make instant yet informed purchases

“You love it? you can click on it and buy it right here during a live shopping show. How awesome” – Emily.

Beside generating sales, Live Stream Shopping Platform has proven to be an effective tool for Cloverdilly Kids to build trust, maximize audience reach, demonstrate creativity, and enable direct communication between their brand and its customers. 

Clients witnessing success by using Live Video Shopping Platform

In Closing,

Live video shopping is not a one-way street, but a network. Platforms like allow instant connectivity between buyers and brands that create an environment where shoppers can be active participants in the shopping experience. Moreover, when brands produce human-centered content by utilizing our platform they gain prospects who look forward to their livestream shopping shows simply because they can relate to them and they feel a sense of belonging to the community. Live video shopping is hence a win-win situation for both brands and buyers.

In addition to being effective in the Fashion Industry, as we saw in Cloverdilly Kids’ case, brands of all kinds can benefit greatly from Livestream Shopping Platform by enhancing their marketing, branding, sales, and customer outreach efforts.

You can read more Success Stories of our Live Shopping Platform to know how our Platform is being leveraged by brands across industries. Well, the next success story can be yours. You can get in touch with us at or book a Free DEMO to have a walkthrough of our platform.

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