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New Year, New Launch.

Happy 2023! In this Blog, we’re bringing you the most exciting launch of the Year. Excited? Let’s get going.

Interactive Live Shopping provider announces the launch of the powerful new easy-to-use App for merchants using Wix. Yes, this is everything you need in order to start selling LIVE.

Now Let’s talk about Wix & the benefits of our Integration with it.

Wix is a feature-rich Platform with amazing SEO tools and hundreds of useful Wix apps. There are more than 200 million Wix users worldwide and the Wix App Market has more than 300 popular apps that can help you enhance your website. 

Every brand today is on the lookout for a lucrative platform to enhance their Customer Experience and Boost their Sales Growth. This is where Wix Integration comes into play and enables Wix store owners to adopt Live Stream Shopping, by simply installing our easy-to-use App: “Live Shopping by”. Live Shopping Platform has proven to increase Sales by 36%, boost the Engagement Rate by 5X, and reduce the Cart Abandonment Rate by 50%. Thus the increasing demand for our Platform made us launch on Wix.

Explore more Benefits, right now!

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates, Engagement, and Session Time
  • Better Customer Experience and Retention
  • Increased Sales with accelerated Purchase Decisions
  • Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Repeat Customer Rate
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and optimized advertising expenditures

How to get Started?

“Live Shopping App” integrates easily with your existing website, turning it into a fully functional Live Shop with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Install the Live Shopping App from the Wix App Market.

Step 2: When the web editor prompt appears, click Add to Site to publish the site. Channelize Live Shopping App will be installed.

Get started with Wix Integration

The Streams page will be added to your Store, and its URL will be /streams by default. The stream page will show all of your upcoming and published Shopping Shows.

Step 3: As soon as the app has been installed, you will need to configure its settings. To do so, go to settings and select Channelize Dashboard and you will be redirected to the sign-up page.

Step 4: Now, create your Account, choose the Subscription Plan that best suits your needs, and complete the sign-up process. Wix Integration steps

Step 5: Thereafter, you will be redirected to your “Live Shopping & Video Streams – Dashboard“, also called the “Production Dashboard“. Here, you can Create and Manage Shopping Shows for your Store. 

Here’s a Guide on how you can quickly create live shopping shows via Production Dashboard and go Live

Going Live via Live Shopping PLatform

The new Wix Integration is now Live. Are you ready to take advantage?

When it comes to creating an optimal online shopping experience, Livestream Shopping is definitely one of the buzziest technologies on the eCommerce block. In actuality, Live Commerce is already a mega phenomenon all over the world and brands are jumping on it to witness unexplored Avenues for Growth.

Hence if you are a Wix Retailer trying to captivate Buyers and Boost Sales then our App is the perfect solution for you.

Get started by scheduling a Free Demo with us or contacting us at

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