BUYBYBRANDS targets niche demographics for Haircare & Beauty Products using Live Stream Shopping

BUYBYBRANDS targets niche demographics for Haircare & Beauty Products using Live Stream Shopping2 min read

Live Stream Shopping establishes a Real-time Two-way Communication between brands and customers, making it ideal for Long-term Product Sales. Unlike traditional online shopping, it brings customers to a space where they can fully experience a product before buying it.

It allows them to understand the purchase they will be making alongside the products’ applications. For example, brands can host live shopping shows to showcase different shades of nailpaints. Another popular use-cases of Live Stream Shopping is seen in the haircare industry where a host can demonstrate the proper way to use hair appliances, such as hair straighteners and dryers, etc. Even Skincare Brands show how different products work on different skin types for better results.

BUYBYBRANDS, a Germany-based haircare and beauty brand, understood this, and reached the Team to address the scenario. Dedicated to delivering high-quality products, BUYBYBRANDS needed an effective sales promotion channel for their versatile products. Live Stream Shopping Platform turned out to be the ideal solution for them. The brand conducted multiple Live Shopping Shows by using our platform to educate customers about their products. With our Host Management feature, they were able to assign different hosts for different products. It worked impeccably, since the brand needed to conduct multiple product tutorials. Live Streaming Shopping success stories

Besides this, they also used the Live Stream Shopping Platform to achieve benefits, like:

  • Showcasing multiple beauty products and their effects 
  • Real-time Q&A and makeup tutorials 
  • Live engagement with customers 
  • Promotion of trendy products for impulsive purchases
  • New product launches
  • Collaboration with beauty experts and influencers
  • Running limited-time offers to increase the sale of specific products

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BUYBYBRANDS achieving success via Live Shopping Platform

Since the shows were intuitive, BUYBYBRANDS found a huge boost in Customer Engagement and Retention. In addition, its Sales Revenue also received a notable Increase, shown by these numbers. 

BUYBYBRANDS targeting its customers using Live Stream Shopping

In Conclusion 

Over 300+ global brands have used Live Stream Shopping Platform to elevate their shopping experience for enhanced outcomes. Our platform has achieved concrete results in multiple industries by redefining the definition of Brand-Customer Relationship. 

So what’s the wait? 

Equip the power of Live Stream Shopping and entice your customers with engaging and informative shopping shows today. Book a free demo with our experts to learn more about Live Stream Shopping and how we can help you.

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