Bling embraces Livestream Shopping Platform for selling Kids Toys & Apparel

Bling embraces Livestream Shopping Platform for selling Kids Toys & Apparel ---- 2 min read

In this success story, we will uncover how Bling implemented the Live Stream Shopping Platform and is witnessing desired results.

When online shoppers have a sea of choices at their fingertips, it can be tricky to keep them interested in your store exclusively. For brands to succeed, they must offer effortless and engaging shopping experiences. The key to providing a worthwhile shopping experience for your shoppers is by combining interactive elements with the most-consumed type of content: VIDEO.

Live Stream Shopping to be exact.

This is what Bling, an online store that sells kids toys and apparel is doing and has unlocked perks, like Increased Engagement, Repeated Purchases, Community Expansion, Increased Sales, etc. 

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Bling embraces Live Shopping Platform for selling Kids Toys & Apparel

Through Live Video Shopping Platform Bling is offering their target customers a realistic and entertaining experience, where they get to witness toys in real-time, watch live demos of their favorite toy characters and apparel. This establishes a deeper sense of trust and gets rid of the uncertainty standing between a customer and the brand.

Besides this, the brand is also using the Live Stream Shopping Platform to achieve benefits, like:

1. Showcasing multiple kids products and their use cases
2. Real-time Q&A
3. Live engagement with customers
4. Promotion of trendy toys and apparel for impulsive purchases
5. New product launches
6. Running limited-time offers to increase the sale of specific products

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Using the Live Stream Shopping Platform, the brand is providing an immersive, memorable experience and is able to retarget one-time shoppers and significantly improve its sales conversion rate and customer engagement. The brand also witnesses an improved average order value and reduction in returns rate.

Bling using Livestream Shopping Platform

Wrapping Up

Over 800+ global brands have used Live Video Shopping Platform to elevate their shopping experience for enhanced outcomes. We have redefined the definition of Brand-Customer Relationship and achieved concrete results across multiple industries.

So what’s the wait? 

Take advantage of Live Stream Shopping today and offer your customers with informative and engaging shopping shows leasing to Sales. Learn how Live Stream Shopping can help you by booking a FREE DEMO with our experts.

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