Floating ‘Miniplayer’ for Live Stream Shopping Shows

Big Update: Floating ‘Miniplayer’ for Live Stream Shopping Shows ---- 4 min read

Spoiler alert! The Live Video Shopping experience on your Ecommerce Store is about to get so much better!

We’ve been at this for a long time now. While we did a lot of testing and research on the new Miniplayer Feature, this big change was ultimately led by you, our inspiring clients. You give us the building blocks we need to make our Live Stream Shopping Platform a more effective and functional tool for you and your buyers, enabling you to do what’s best for your brand.

The Channelize.io Team is excited to announce the addition of Floating Miniplayer functionality to our Live Stream Shopping Platform. Shopify store owners can now offer an immersive experience to their customers with this new feature.

The Miniplayer is a minimized version of the Channelize.io Live Video Shopping player which enables buyer audiences to watch live shopping shows in a small floating player in the corner of their screen. While doing so buyers can seamlessly continue to watch Shopping Shows while surfing a brand’s website, product pages, add products to cart and proceed with checkout, with no interruption. Additionally, they can maximize the player and continue watching a live shopping show in the expanded form at any time.

A cherry on the cake: This works for both Live as well as Past (Recorded) Shopping Shows.

NOTE: The Miniplayer is currently available to our customers on Shopify, and is soon coming up for our UI Kits, Embedded Shopping Shows, and other integrations.

Benefits of Miniplayer feature:

Always on Top : The floating player window stays in the foreground, while your buyers can explore your online store in the background.

Adjustable, Simple & Controllable : Player can be placed anywhere a user likes. And it also enables users to pop out a live show in just one click. Easy! Isn’t it?

Explore & Multitask : This powerful feature makes multitasking possible for your viewers. Viewers can seamlessly navigate a brand’s website, browse product pages, add products to cart, and proceed with the checkout process to complete their order while watching a live shopping show.

Introducing Floating ‘Miniplayer’ for Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform

How to get started with Miniplayer on Shopify?

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify Store and navigate to Admin Panel > Online Store > Themes.

Step 2: For the installed & published theme, click on the Actions > Edit Code button.

Get started with Miniplayer on Shopify

Step 3: Now enter page.channelize.default.liquid in the search input field and open the file.

Channelize.io Live Streaming Ecommerce miniplayer feature

Step 4: Insert the script mentioned below into the file and save the changes.

window.initChannelizeLivebroadcastShopifyOptions = {
  settings : {
      enableMiniPlayer: true,
       miniPlayer: {
          navigationMode: ‘IFRAME_SRCDOC’,

Miniplayer will be enabled for the respective Shopify store, and can be easily disabled when needed by setting the parameter `enableMiniPlayer` to `false`.

A miniplayer will appear in the right bottom corner of your screen, when you click on the “Cart” or a Promoted Product’s “Know More” buttons on any Shopping Show.

Enabling miniplayer for shopify store

You can refer to our help center to learn more!

Stay tuned for more!

Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform, gives brands the power to not only sell their products effectively via live video streams, but it also allows brands to truly interact with their audience. Using features like Miniplayer, brands can deliver great customer experiences (CX) that drive Customer Loyalty and Revenue in the long run. 

Creating an experience that really impresses purchasers, ensures that they will keep doing business with you in the future. Offering such superior experience via Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform can become a valued and unique asset for your brand.

Our clients have experienced phenomenal results in a very short period of time by leveraging our Platform. Brands have doubled their sales, boosted their engagement rates by 70%, and experienced conversion rates of atleast 7%. To quickly learn about our platform and how it works, you can book a FREE DEMO and we’ll take you through the entire platform and show you how to use it to its optimum potential.

Happy Streaming ! 

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