Arctic Fox turned to Live Stream Shopping for Selling Backpacks

Arctic Fox turned to Live Stream Shopping for Selling Backpacks ---- 2 min read Live Stream Shopping Platform has been a driving force behind the adoption of Livestream Shopping, a new form of selling, by Ecommerce & D2C Brands. Hence brands across the globe are turning to our platform to grip buyer audiences’ attention and push them quickly down the purchase funnel. 

In this Success Story, you will see how Live Shopping Platform is embraced by Arctic Fox. Arctic Fox is a backpack brand designed for the youth of today. The brand believes in creativity, perseverance, and relentless optimism. Live Stream Shopping Platform has presented the brand with the perfect solution for bridging the online-offline divide and the brand is successfully selling backpacks via live stream shopping. The beauty of our platform is that it includes shoppers as active participants giving them the opportunity to personalize their experience. What makes live video shopping so promising is its rawness and authenticity. There is nothing more honest than appearing in real-time to shoppers to display unfiltered products. As a result of live stream shopping, customers can feel confident and reassured when buying, and furthermore, influencers can help brands drive even more revenue by bringing in more customers.


Arctic Fox using Live Streaming Selling Platform


The brand is increasingly collaborating with influencers by leveraging our live video selling platform to sell in a scalable manner, reach more audiences and ultimately drive sales. Live streaming commerce because of its LIVE element recreates a sense of authenticity which leads to effective influencer marketing. This is because, during the real-time interaction, there is no room for editing, changes, or staging shots – the content that is shown is more raw, natural, and true, which is appealing to buyers. Hence the brand is taking advantage of this by utilizing Live Shopping Platform.



Apart from this, connecting with shoppers by leveraging our platform is helping this utility products brand in a number of ways:

  • Providing better product experiences that help buyers see over live video the various aspects of different bags
  • Live video selling is improving the brand’s awareness while livestreaming backpacks of various designs
  • Live video selling is an effective and engaging way for the brand to describe its brand story, explain its value proposition, and ultimately showcase its brand persona
  • Live Stream Shopping is enabling buyers to make better and quicker purchase decisions
  • Live shopping shows demonstrate the brand’s approachability
  • Implementing various sales strategies is helping the brand to generate a sense of urgency among buyers


Live Stream Shopping has taken over the world. What is stopping you from being a part of it? 

If you want to ensure that your experience with live video selling is successful, then choosing a reliable live shopping platform is essential. Live Stream Shopping platform will help you produce a customer focused experience leading to revenue generation and brand awareness. You can also check our Client Success Stories to know how brands across industries are gaining the most out of our Live Shopping Platform.

If you would like to learn more about how can help your brand, feel free to book a demo. 

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