Alexis Suitcase Amplifying Sales with LiveStream Shopping Platform

Alexis Suitcase Amplifying Sales with LiveStream Shopping Platform ---- 3 min read

In the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic, digital advances have given the fashion industry a chance to reach audiences. And now hybrid shopping experiences combining the best of in-person and virtual formats i.e live streaming ecommerce is ruling the fashion industry. These experiences provide engaging online experiences and face-to-face connections that can compel audiences that had previously been inaccessible. 

Livestream shopping as a medium of shopping for the fashion industry is more social and interactive which translates to better understanding of product attributes by the buyers. Live video shopping is also associated with a trust factor, since consumers can see, feel products and hear what someone is saying about them. This gives consumers a real-life experience of what they are shopping for. This immediately creates an interest and confidence in the product to purchase.

In this success story, we are happy to showcase Alexis Suitcase, an online store that specializes in high-end brands using Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform to create interesting branded content to support product sales. Founded in 2005, Alexis Suitcase Upscale Consignment sells authentic, previously-owned items with the mission to make every customer and consignor leave feeling thrilled with their experience.

Here is how the brand is being benefited by using Live Streaming Ecommerce platform:

Accelerates Engagement

Hosting livestream shopping shows via our platform is interactive and absorbing, which keeps consumers watching for a longer period. This contributes to increased engagement rates and, as a result, more purchases for the brand.

Enhances Brand Appeal Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform is boosting the brand’s attractiveness and individuality while also attracting extra buyers. In addition to improving customer relationships, it is also helping the brand attract new ones, especially young people who are curious about novel shopping forms.

Direct to Consumer Branding Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform fosters a tighter link between the brand Alexis Suitcase and its consumers. The platform especially helps DTC brands to enable a deeper, more direct interaction with its consumers, leading to a more efficient and satisfying customer experience.

Client success with Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform

Quicken Decision Making

Live streaming selling narrows the consumer’s decision-making path from awareness to purchase. Time-limited strategies such as one-time discounts, deals and flash sales, are employed to create a sense of urgency which can lead to impulse buying.

Attracts Young Buyers
The conversational element of live video shopping is improving the probability that the audience, especially the young audience will remember the brand. Hence the brand is experiencing a 20 percent growth in their proportion of younger buyers via our platform.

Highlights Underperforming Products
Livestream shopping provides the brand with an opportunity to bring the limelight to their underperforming products. It gives them the potential to place products in such a way that entices customers and turn it into a top-selling product.

On the Whole,

Why do brands need to invest in Live streaming selling? Simple answer: it retains a branded experience that makes it more appealing to the masses. 

Entertainment combined with on-the-go shopping can enhance conversion rates for eCommerce stores via live video shopping.

With interactive product demonstration and reveals, Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform has the power to quickly convert impulse buyers into sales leads. Additionally, our platform enables brands to generate a fair amount of consumer interest and bank on success in a relatively short time frame.

Alexis Suitcase is not alone in their success. There have been many other brands catering to different industries that have experienced similar results after leveraging our Live Stream Shopping Platform. Refer to our client stories to know more. Try a Free DEMO today and see how live streaming selling can transform your business.

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