Tailgating Central adapts to digital transformation with Livestream Shopping Platform

Tailgating Central adapts to digital transformation with Livestream Shopping ---- 2 min read

Combining her retail and entrepreneurial skills Katherine started Tailgating Central. It is a Texas based brand that specializes in ladies college apparel and everything you need for your next tailgate or “homegate”.

As a brand, Tailgating Central excels at creating best shopping experiences for its customers and to further elevate this experience the brand adopted Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform. Our platform enabled the brand to deliver fruitful experiences to meet the new customer demands and embed an element of trust among customers for the brand.

Client experience with Live Stream Shopping Platform

Live Shopping for shoppers means that they can discover the latest products from their favorite brands and ask questions and clarify their doubts about size, fit in real time and be a part of an engaging and entertaining show. For brands, Livestream Shopping offers a chance to build relationships with customers, provide new entertaining content, answer questions and streamline the purchase process through convenient checkout. Live Shopping hence can be regarded as a one stop solution that fulfills buyers’ as well as customers’ expectations.

This is the reason why brands across industries are jumping onto this bandwagon.

By leveraging the powerful features of our Live Stream Shopping platform like Controlling Shopping Show Accessibility, Language Translation Feature, Multi Resolution Selection for Host, Chat Moderation, Product Spotlight Feature, Pinned Message Feature and many more, the brand is growing with the power of Livestream Shopping.

In Closing, 

We can help you offer a unique shopping experience to your customers, an experience that is a hybrid of in-store and online shopping experience. So what are you waiting for, Book a FREE DEMO with us or email us at info@channelize.io to get started.

Channelize.io Live Video Shopping Platform is not only effective for the Fashion Industry like we saw in the case of Tailgating Central, but our Platform can play a crucial role in Improving Sales, Brand Image and Customer Out-reach for brands across industries.

Refer to more Client Success Stories of our Live Shopping Platform to know how our Platform can be leveraged by brands across industries. 

Disclaimer: The Brand name Tailgating Central and the brand logo are properties of tailgatingcentral.com .

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