Live Streaming Commerce comes to PrestaShop

Live Streaming Commerce comes to PrestaShop ---- 3 min read

The world of e-commerce has continued to evolve, and this has left Consumer Brands across Industries, D2C Brands, and E-commerce Merchants always on their toes seeking new ways to reach out to their Customers, spread Brand Awareness and Boost Sales. One of the major trends that continues to gain traction is Live Streaming Commerce. With the introduction of Livestream Shopping Platform, brands are able to achieve their desired business goals by taking advantage of Livestream Shopping. 

Continuing the development of Live Video Shopping Platform, we are happy to announce the rollout of our Plug-and-play Integration with PrestaShop. Now PrestaShop store owners can adopt Live Streaming Commerce, by simply installing our easy-to-use plugin: “Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin”.

PrestaShop is an immensely feature-rich, free, open-source ecommerce website builder platform used to run stores in the cloud or via self-hosting. The platform offers a sophisticated e-commerce option for brands and retailers interested in selling digital or physical goods online.

Currently, 250,000 retail shops worldwide use it and it is available in 65 different languages as well.

How to Get Started?

Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin integrates easily with your existing PrestaShop website, turning it into a fully functional Live Shop with just a few clicks.

Step 1: The very first step would be to Sign up for a account, select a subscription plan, and complete the sign-up process

Step 2: The next step is to install the Live Shopping & Video Streams Module successfully. You can either directly install the module from the PrestaShop Marketplace or from the Production Dashboard

Step 3: After installation, next is to configure the module settings and for that, simply login to your account. And you will be taken to your Live Shopping & Video Streams Dashboard, or to your Production Dashboard

 Step 4: On the Help & Support page of the dashboard, you can view your Public & Private Keys along with other account information. You can copy and paste these keys into the module settings and save them

Step 5: When this is completed, the module will be successfully configured. You can find your Live Shop Page URL in Module’s Live Shop Page

You are now ready to create Shopping Shows in your production dashboard and go Live either from broadcaster apps or via Custom RTMP/ OBS

Note: Make sure to include the Product ID for each product when adding them to your Live Shopping Show for Cart Integration.

The new PrestaShop Integration is now live. Are you ready to take advantage?

Live Video Shopping has become a key component of the retail landscape as it balances the need for convenience and modernity with a sense of security, trust, and authenticity. This shift to a more interactive channel of communication brings about an improved experience for buyers. For a world increasingly engaged by video, “Live Shopping & Video Streams Plugin” is the best way to know your shoppers, increase average order values and chase faster business growth! 

Also by enabling livestream shopping on their e-commerce stores, PrestaShop Merchants can enjoy the gains in Engagement and Retention that will stay within their website. Isn’t it Beneficial?

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