Live Stream Shopping Platformleading Happy & Fit to provide superior Fitness Experiences

Live Stream Shopping leading Happy & Fit to provide superior Fitness Experiences ---- 3 min read

In a diverse ecommerce ecosystem where brands strive for a competitive edge, one trend has seen impressive growth: Live Streaming Ecommerce. Live Video Shopping has been around for years, quietly building momentum in the background especially for Health and Fitness Brands. 

The technology is transforming the industry and making fitness a lot more accessible especially when social distancing requirements limit traditional physical activities. 

Hence today, brands are taking advantage of Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform to give their audiences the ability to connect virtually and foster healthy lifestyles. In this success story we’ll see how Happy & Fit, a German based brand is benefiting from our Platform. Live stream shopping platform success story

The brand has developed a holistic concept of online courses and products that is changing people’s life positively and helping them improve their physical and mental health.

How Live Stream Shopping Platform is leading the brand to success?

1. Our platform is enabling the brand to drive customer engagement that instigates shoppers to check out and try out products and services in an instant. 

2. Our Live Stream Shopping Platform offers brand the opportunity to conduct workout sessions like Yoga, Zumba, Pilates classes, etc. while hosting live shopping shows and enabling participants to directly buy their products during such live sessions. This way of selling using complementary content can not just boost sales, but engage buyers and improve brand perception too.

3. With a level of authenticity and by communicating within a tight-knit digital community, live video shopping leverages many of the key elements that make products or services go viral and linger in the minds of consumers. 

4. Live storytelling allows the brand to engage with customers in a way they appreciate, build their confidence, and discuss their pain points in a fun and interactive way.

5. In addition to generating sales, our platform also helps the brand market its products. Buyers can also access the recordings of past shopping shows, so those also contribute to influencing their buying decisions. 

Our platform is therefore being leveraged successfully by the brand for sales and marketing, resulting in phenomenal growth.

Live Video Shopping platform success story

To Sum Up,

As a medium, Live Video Shopping is more engaging than other media, pulling at viewers’ heartstrings and capturing their attention more effectively. Viewers can be converted into paying customers when they feel this emotion and connection. They also remember your brand as a result of this and make repeat purchases.

Since working with us, the brand could seamlessly sell and market their products directly through live stream shopping shows while reaching their shoppers in a way that is timely and authentic. In turn, their customers also witness a more personalized and fun buying experience which they enjoy and love.

Happy & Fit is not alone in their success. There have been many other brands catering to different industries that have experienced similar results after leveraging Live Stream Shopping Platform. Refer to our client stories to know more.

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