Kapstok turns to Livestream Shopping Platform to Connect with Potential Customers in a New Way

Kapstok turns to Live Shopping to Connect with Potential Customers in a New Way2 min read

Today livestream shopping is helping to eliminate the inherent distance that eCommerce creates between brands and their customers. A real person showcasing your products in real-time humanizes your brand and encourages consumers to let their guard down and enjoy the experience as though it were real.

Shoppers are no longer limited to customer reviews and photos in order to make purchases. With live streaming ecommerce, the doors are now open for brands to find innovative ways to appeal to shoppers through authenticity and familiarity. Hosting livestream shopping shows where customers can ask questions and engage with real people makes your brand and products more desirable and trustworthy. This is what is making brands across industries turn to Channelize.io Live Stream Shopping Platform.

In this case study we’ll see the success witnessed by Kapstok, a popular fashion brand by utilizing our live video shopping platform.

With the mission to support sustainable and slow fashion, Kapstok has come a long way since 2018. To further Boost their Online Presence, the brand founded by Steffi turned to Channelize.io Livestream Shopping Platform.

Client success with Channelize.io Live Commerce Platform

The brand is successfully leveraging our Live Video Shopping platform to showcase their products, brand persona, build relationships and trust, and directly interact with their buyers, especially in times when buyers’ shopping habits are moving away from physical retail experiences.

There are two secrets to Kapstok’s success with Livestream shopping: Interactivity and Entertainment. Kapstok’s live shopping shows hosted by Lisa and Eva are engaging and fun. The girls model the clothings, talk about the fabric, fit, variants and features in really entertaining ways to spice things up for viewers. 

Live Stream Shopping Platform success story

This is helping the brand to offer personalization, better product experiences, and interactive shopping environments to its customers eventually leading to more product sales.

“Easy Hosting” is undoubtedly the key to a successful live show and the brand is leveraging this feature of our platform to easily host a live show, have full control over these live shopping shows while they generate revenues.

Want to know more?

In the future, more and more online shoppers will expect a seamless user experience tailored to their individual preferences. By stepping up your brand’s game with personalization, improved product experiences and shoppertainment you will be able to capture more buyers’ attention, trigger an emotional connection to your products, and encourage them to buy more items that they will love.

Visit our Live Stream Shopping Platform Solutions Page or you can also go ahead and schedule a Free DEMO. Channelize.io Live Shopping Platform is not only effective for the Fashion Industry like we saw in the case of Kapstok, but our Platform can play a major role in Sales, Marketing, Brand Enhancement and Customer Out-reach for brands across industries.

You can read more Success Stories of our Live Shopping Platform to know how our Platform is being leveraged by brands across industries. 

Disclaimer: The Brand name Kapstok and the brand logo are properties of kapstok.de .

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