Important Dates every Brand must consider for their Live Stream Shopping Strategy in 2022

Important Dates every Brand must consider for their Live Stream Shopping Strategy in 2022 ---- 3 min read

Festivals and special occasions are a great time for brands to connect with their customers on a personal basis due to the warmth and merriness they bring. Such times also make it easier for brands to present their products in ways that lead to impulsive yet value-centric purchases. 

A great way to achieve this is by using Live Stream Shopping, and here is why:

A Live shopping show allows customers to know exactly what they are buying. Moreover, conducting a Live Shopping Show with special offers, limited time deals and giveaways before festive events creates a FOMO among customers.

While it’s known that hosting Shopping Shows regularly is important to get the optimum results from Live Shopping on your Ecommerce Store, going live with Shopping Shows on festivals and important dates ensures you are live when your customers expect you to.

Despite being a quarter through 2022, the year is still full of opportunities, especially if you adopt a viable Live Video Shopping strategy. It can help you establish a lasting brand-customer relationship while also increasing your sales revenue, as most of these shopping seasons are yet to come. On that note, let’s look at the most important dates every brand must consider for their Live Shopping strategy in 2022.

January 2022

There are primarily two notable dates in the month:

  • Jan 1: New Year
  • Jan 6: Epiphany 

February 2022

February is a short yet packed month for brands. Primarily, there are two noteworthy weeks to be considered:

  • Feb 4 to 8: Spring Festival Golden Week 
  • Feb 7 to 14: Valentine Week 
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March 2022

There are two highlight events in the month:

  • March 8: International Women’s Day 
  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day 

April 2022

April can prove to be highly productive for businesses with occasions, like:

  • April 15: Good Friday 
  • April 17: Easter
  • April 21: Queen’s Birthday (for the European demographic)

May 2022

The month initiates with three back-to-back events:

  • May 1: Labor Day 
  • May 2: Eid 
  • May 8: Mother’s Day 
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June 2022

The most notable events in the month are:

  • June 5: Hari Raya Puasa 
  • June 7: Dragon Boat Festival (for the Asian demographic)
  • June 19: Father’s Day 
  • June 24: St. John’s Day 

July 2022

The two notable events in the month are:

  • July 4: US Independence Day 
  • July 16: Asarnha Bucha Day 

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September 2022

There is only one date to consider in the month: 

  • Sep 13: Mid-Autumn Festival (for the Asian demographic)

October 2022

The noteworthy events in the month fall at the start and the end of the month: 

  • Oct 1 to 7: National Day Golden Week (for the Asian demographic)
  • Oct 27: Diwali 
  • Oct 31: Halloween 
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November 2022

The sole mention worthy event in November is:

  • Nov 24: Thanksgiving 
  • Nov 25: Black Friday
  • Nov 28: Cyber Monday

December 2022

December is among the busiest times for brands due to a jam-packed holiday season, including: 

  • Dec 6: St. Nicholas Day 
  • Dec 25: Christmas 
  • Dec 31: Pre-New Year Celebrations 

How Can Help Make Full Use of These Dates?

By leveraging Live Shopping Platform you will be able to shift to a more interactive channel of communication with your consumers that will bring about a new experience. Shopping experience that will involve more personalization, empathy, and understanding ultimately leading to more sales, improved customer engagement and brand image.

With Livestream Shopping Platform, brands receive numerous enterprise-grade features that can revolutionize their mundane selling operations. Our Live Streaming Ecommerce Platform is used by  800+ global brands across different industries.

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