Winning the BFCM Game Strategies for your WooCommerce Stores

Winning the BFCM Game 2023: Strategies for WooCommerce Stores ---- 5 min read

Mastering the art of winning the BFCM game 2023 is essential for WooCommerce store owners looking to maximize their Sales and enhance Buyer Engagement. BFCM 2023 will thus see huge amounts of traffic coming to your WooCommerce Store – and hopefully purchasing. This full weekend can be a massive profit boost for any WooCommerce store, but the benefits don’t have to be limited to just those 4 days. To make the most of BFCM, you need to plan ahead, and there will be a lot more involved than just planning a doorbuster sale. Here are some of the best BFCM Strategies for WooCommerce Stores.

Improve the Shopping Experience on your Website

Every e-commerce store will receive a considerable number of new shoppers during the days leading up to the festive season, especially during the BFCM weekend. But it’s not worth getting someone to visit your site if you cannot garner trust in the process. This is where the site and shopping experience comes into play. It is the customer’s first impression of a brand and determines how they interact with a brand. Here are some of the ways you can improve the shopping experience on your website and drive sales this BFCM 2023.

Live Shopping

Live Shopping stands out as one of the best BFCM Strategies for WooCommerce Stores, redefining the shopping experience and driving unparalleled results. This dynamic approach combines Real-time Engagement, Interactive Product Demonstrations, and immediate Buyer Interaction to create a captivating online shopping journey. 

As shoppers flock to find the best BFCM deals, Live Shopping offers a personalized, engaging, and immersive platform that captures attention, enables informed purchase decisions by buyers, and converts viewers into buyers.

Unlike traditional online shopping, Live Shopping for WooCommerce Stores transcends static product images and descriptions by showcasing products in action and allowing buyers to ask questions on the spot. This authenticity builds trust and a sense of community, fostering brand loyalty. Moreover, the element of urgency, often fueled by limited-time offers and exclusive deals, taps into the fear of missing out (FOMO), driving conversions.

By integrating Live Shopping into WooCommerce stores, brands can elevate their BFCM strategy significantly. 

Site Navigation, Speed & Mobile Responsive

Prior to the BFCM season, conduct a thorough website audit to guarantee an optimal site experience. A seamless website encounter not only builds trust but also accommodates the attention and patience of customers scrambling for deals and completing their gift lists. It’s imperative to verify the effectiveness of site navigation, speed, and mobile responsiveness, ensuring they can adeptly manage the increased traffic and demands of the BFCM rush.

Add Reviews on Product Pages

As customers rush to fulfill their gifting obligations, BFCM is the perfect time to attract new customers. You can offer lucrative discounts and bundle your best products, but this does little to convert your website visitors into customers. E-commerce stores should leverage reviews and ratings to alleviate their stress and prompt them to shop from your website to ease shopping anxiety and generate trust with new website visitors.

Provide Seamless Customer Support

Beyond merely boosting revenue during the holiday season, BFCM represents a chance to expand your market share and cultivate a base of devoted customers who will contribute to your ongoing expansion. In addition to prioritizing customer and user experience, the key to capitalizing on the BFCM surge for future growth lies in ensuring customer satisfaction. Here’s how you can harness this potential:

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Implement Self-Service Support

As eCommerce sales experience a surge during the BFCM weekend, there’s a proportional rise in customer support inquiries and ticket volumes. Managing these demands in the fourth quarter is a familiar challenge for every WooCommerce Store Owner. While many business owners resort to hiring additional staff or outsourcing customer service to cope with the influx, these approaches often prove unsustainable, impacting bottom-line revenue and potentially compromising the standard of customer service.

Post-Purchase Experience

The BFCM campaign should ideally act as a means to an end. The aim isn’t to generate more revenue during this busy season but to create repeat customers and a more loyal customer base with the opportunity provided. Post-purchase experience defines the customer experience to a great extent. 

Good post-purchase service is a simple way of showing your customers that they mean more than just a one-time transaction. It shows the business’s willingness to form a lasting relationship with the customer that extends beyond the BFCM weekend. Creating an excellent post-purchase experience is pivotal in cementing your success after BFCM is done and dusted. 

Implement Marketing Strategies

A good marketing strategy is necessary if you want to realize your business’s potential during the BFCM weekend fully. Here are some of the best marketing strategies to use this holiday season.

Banners & Popups for Holiday Campaign

The cornerstone of any BFCM strategy lies in visibility. Your discounts should be easily discoverable by customers at every interaction point. Whether you opt to showcase them directly on your online storefront or create pre-launch pages to captivate their interest, it’s crucial to tantalize your offers and provide customers with a sneak peek well ahead of the BFCM weekend. This ensures their presence on your website when the offers become available.

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Effective Email & Paid Marketing

In preparation for the BFCM weekend and to enhance conversion rates, focus on accumulating a substantial number of email leads beforehand. Employ various conventional techniques to boost your email subscriptions, such as orchestrating giveaways or establishing loyalty and rewards initiatives.

By effectively implementing marketing and promotional strategies, you can even leverage social media platforms to pique curiosity and create enthusiasm around your BFCM campaigns.You can even tease the upcoming BFCM offers with promotional banners and campaigns, urging customers to sign up for incentives or early access. It will help you create a list of qualified leads and help increase conversions.

Wrapping up: BFCM Strategies for WooCommerce Stores

This pretty much covers all the knowledge you need to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 a big success. Start preparing for BFCM early to give yourself ample time to get shoppers excited about your offers. With these BFCM strategies for WooCommerce stores, you’ll be able to thrill shoppers and drive more sales than you ever imagined.

If you choose Live Shopping as a strategy to implement, then feel free to Book a FREE DEMO with us or contact us at to get started.

Hopefully, these BFCM Strategies for WooCommerce Stores will help you make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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