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We wanted to celebrate the 2022 winter with something special and worth remembering because we believe Live Stream Shopping should be both easy and beneficial for our Clients. 2022 was undoubtedly a successful year when it came to improving our Live Shopping Platform. So before...

Live Shopping is a truly transformational Sales + Marketing Tool for Ecommerce Brands, and we are thrilled to see the results our customers are achieving with our platform. We intend to keep developing and improving our Live Shopping Platform to help our Clients grow with us....

We have exciting news for WooCommerce powered Stores! The Channelize.io Team announces the addition of Floating Miniplayer functionality and Commerce & Sales Analytics for WooCommerce powered Stores. Now with these features WooCommerce Stores will be able to1. Create an experience that really impresses shoppers, ensuring Boost...

Take your shopping shows to the next level with an amazing lineup of game-changing new updates from Channelize.io. These new updates will help you: 1. Create and Host your Shopping Shows effortlessly 2. Level up your Products Promotion capabilities 3. Sell more from your Shopping Shows So let’s dive in, Real-time...