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In this blog, we will decode why Live Streaming Commerce is considered to be an effective sales enabler. We will consider both a Buyer’s as well as a Brand’s perspective before coming to a conclusion. ...

Channelize.io has come up with an easy to install Live Stream Shopping App for Shopify. This offers thousands of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Stores on Shopify an opportunity to leverage the power of live commerce and real-time engagement. By leveraging our Live Shopping app, Shopify Merchants of...

Be it taking viewers behind the scenes and inviting an influencer to collaborate for the same or demonstrating a product while offering a limited time discount and hosting a Q&A session, brands can leverage and combine many such strategies. This will increase viewers’ enjoyment of...

Channelize.io is back with yet another launch, and this time it’s huge! We’re thrilled to launch our “Live Shopping & Video Streams” app on the Shopify App Store. Introducing Live Stream Shopping for Shopify will enable Shopify Merchants to interact with their Buyers in a...