Pusher Chatkit Shutdown: Migrate to Channelize.io Chat ---- 1 min read

Pusher announced last month that they are discontinuing their Chatkit product, and since then we’ve migrated some of their customers to Channelize.io.

Channelize.io is a strong replacement for Pusher Chatkit as our Chat API & SDKs offer many more features, and so this is an opportunity for you to provide a better chat experience to your users. Also, integrating Channelize.io Chat and migrating to it are easy.

Integrating Channelize.io

With our Pre-built UI and UI Kits, we’ve seen our customers integrate Channelize.io end-to-end in just a couple of hours.

1) Signup for a Channelize.io Account, and get your API Keys.

2) Implement Single Sign-on between your application and Channelize.io services, and synchronize user data.

3) Integrate our UI SDKs in your Frontend for:





React Native

4) Create Conversations / Channels

You can enhance your integration with our Add-ons like Video & Voice Calling, Chatbots, Webhooks, and more!

Migrating to Channelize.io

Despite offering more features and capabilities, Channelize.io Pricing has been more economical compared to Pusher Chatkits. If you were on a Custom / Enterprise Plan of Pusher Chatkit, then we will offer you a Price Match, or even better that.

To migrate your data from Pusher Chatkit to Channelize.io:

1) Contact Pusher Customer Support to download your Chatkit data export.

2) Contact our Team at info@channelize.io with your export data, and we will migrate that to your Channelize.io application service for free. We will do this within 1 business day.

3) Channelize.io Sync Server: After you roll-out a new version of your apps with Channelize.io powered Chat, some of your users would be using the old version. Our sync server will maintain data consistency for those users as well.

Get Started with Channelize.io now!

Your users will love your new Channelize.io powered Chat. We’ll be happy to answer any queries and get you on-board. Drop an email at: info@channelize.io, and we’ll get right back.

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