Product Updates – Chat API & SDK Enhancements, and new Dashboard

Product Updates – Chat API & SDK Enhancements, and new Dashboard ---- 2 min read

July is over, and so far we can call it the busiest and most exciting month of the year. It brought the long-awaited updates in our Chat API and In-App Messaging SDKs and the new Dashboard view. And yes, we’ve pushed major performance improvements and a good number of small product improvements based on customer feedback. Here’s a roundup of what we released:


Upgrades in Chat API and SDKs

To make implementing cross-device real-time messaging on your Website and Mobile Apps easy, fast and efficient, we have updated our Chat APIs and SDKs.


Our APIs provide you a fast, scalable, reliable and secure backend for adding realtime communication features in your apps. And our iOS, Android and JavaScript SDKs provide you with various methods to build, configure, and initialize chatting from client-side interfaces.


We have broken up our Mobile SDKs into UI SDK & API SDK. UI SDKs allow customizations to the chat interface as per your requirements and achieve desired in-app messaging in your digital products.

  • Removed Call SDKs dependency from Channelize UI SDKs.
  • Improved Push Notifications integration.
  • Added Picture-in-Picture support in Android SDKs for better Video Calling experience.


Have you checked out our Developer Docs that are easy to understand and implement? Visit, and see the various possibilities you can achieve with our product.


Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure poses some of the biggest challenges in building a fast & reliable chat system. At we’ve made considerable investments in our multi-layer infrastructure. We focussed on 2 aspects in our recent improvements:

  • Our pub-sub messaging broker
  • Load balancer


Our infrastructure improvements will also make us serve our Enterprise Customers better.

With the API & Infrastructure improvements, the data loading and real-time messaging are faster across all platforms.


New Dashboard View

We have listened to your feedback and here it is – The new Dashboard is more friendly to use with its new design and intuitive interface. We will be adding more sections and features to the Dashboard in the coming weeks.



We’re constantly iterating with new exciting features and enhancements to provide world-class in-app communication features for your users. We’d love to hear from you what you find most exciting in this release and what you want us to launch in the coming months. Drop an email on and tell us!


Want to see our Product’s Demos?’s Demos will give you a good idea of how our product works, and also how it can help in increasing engagement and retention, and help you serve your users better.

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