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We’ve been developing new features and iterating existing ones to make powered In-App Chat work better for your Apps, and make it more engaging. Today we’re super excited to share with you things we developed over the last few weeks and how you can leverage them to keep growing!


More Power with “Manage Users”!

If you would like to monitor chat related activities of your users, or reach out to them with some personalized messages or offers based on their activity, then this feature in your Dashboard will be of great use to you. Here, you can see your users, their online / offline status, last online time, etc, and can also search users based on their Names or IDs.

The best part? We’ll soon be taking this feature capability to the next level, by allowing you to send a broadcast to multiple users.


Don’t lose an unsent draft message, Save it!

We’ve all faced this problem with chat apps: We started writing a long message and left the app for some reason, only to realize the message is gone before we got a chance to send it. iOS SDK will now save unsent drafts, so they’re still waiting for you even if you close the app and come back at a later time. These will be easily identifiable with the label [draft] mentioned in front of the conversations in which you’ve previously written.

The Channelize Android and JavaScript SDKs will also soon gain this new ability to save drafts of chat messages.




Link Sharing is now more engaging with URL previews

Like other popular real-time consumer Messaging Apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zalo and Skype, JavaScript and iOS SDKs now allow your users to send URLs with Rich Previews.

With Rich URL previews, you will be able to make 1-to-1 and Group chats among your users more engaging and eye-soothing. There will be better interaction of users with such messages containing links, and it can also increase link sharing activities on your powered Chat feature.




Text formatting to add clarity and detail to Messages

Formatting of text messages allows you to add clarity and put emphasis on important words. Keeping in mind this need of users we have developed text formatting feature which will allow you to add following formats to your text messages: Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, and Monospace.




Wipe accidentally sent messages with “Delete for Everyone”

Developed to let users wipe texts and files sent by accident, the “Delete for Everyone” feature will allow users to recall a message sent to a group or a contact. This is available up to anytime after sending a message or file, and will not leave any traces of them.




Note: Draft unsent messages, Rich URL Preview, Messages Formatting would be rolled out in Android SDKs in 2 weeks.


What else is new in this update?

1. Iterated: Groups functionality to make it smooth and easy to use for larger groups. The performance of API calls for Groups was also improved.
2. Fixed: In the Web App, app crashing issues when a ‘Deleted Member’ is present in a group and actions like sending a message or @mention of that member is performed.
3. Fixed: Issue in saving of “Settings” by a user after updating their availability status.
4. Fixed: Issues in Video and Voice Calling functionality.
5. New: Picture-in-Picture support in iOS SDKs for better Video Calling experience.
6. New: Minor UI Improvements.


We’re constantly iterating with new exciting features and enhancements to provide world-class in-app communication features for your users. We’d love to hear from you what you find most exciting in this release and what you want us to launch in the coming months. Drop an email on and tell us!


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