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Pavo Textiles LLC Embraces the Livestream Shopping Trend2 min read

By amalgamating Shopping, Entertainment, and Real-time Interactions, Live Shopping is changing the e-commerce game. To reap the benefits of this trend many brands are jumping on to this bandwagon. Pavo Textiles LLC, a successful Textile brand is also offering compelling experiences to its shoppers via Livestream Shopping Platform. 

Holding a product in front of a camera while listing its qualities is a winning strategy to convince audiences to make a purchase and the brand is fully leveraging this feature of Live Video Shopping to shorten buying cycle, optimize costs and expand sales.

But what’s really so special about Live Video Shopping platform that is leading brands to success?

These are some of the features that make our platform stand out.

  • Integrates with your Ecommerce Platform
  • Premium Live & Recorded Video Quality
  • Add-to-Cart during a Live Shopping Show
  • Live Chat
  • Product Spotlight Feature
  • Ability for anyone you choose, to Host your Shopping Shows
  • Simulcast across multiple Websites

As an ecommerce brand, Pavo Textiles LLC is very focused on selling products online and making the customer experience the best it can be, and with our platform the brand is achieving its goals effortlessly.  

To Sum Up,

As a brand, you would always want to achieve brand credibility and loyalty. Why not turn to a platform which can help you target your audiences effectively and lend you the visibility to grow? You can book a DEMO call with us to see our Platform in action. Live Shopping Platform is not only effective for the Fashion Industry like we saw in the case of Pavo Textiles LLC, but our Platform can play a major role in Sales, Marketing, Brand Enhancement and Customer Out-reach for brands across industries. You can read more Success Stories of our Live Shopping Platform to know how our Platform is being leveraged by brands across industries. 

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