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Product Updates: New JavaScript Chat UI Kit, easier customizations in pre-built Web UI, new Webhooks, Updates to UI Android SDK and More

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People were making plans and packing up yet another box of fireworks to welcome the new year, and our team with a deep sense of gratitude was working to give new things to our customers who’ve made 2019 our best year so far. We at, with our eyes fixed on enabling better user-to-user conversations, […]

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Connections and Relationships Feature for Messaging

Posted on makes it super easy to build, launch and run Chat in your Apps, whatever be your use-case. For 1-1 Chats, following are the most common ways to lead users to conversations: Button on Profile: Example, “Message” button on profile of a service provider the member has booked. Button on Listings: Example, listing of sellers […]

Chat Use Cases

In-App Chat for Parenting Applications

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Numerous Parenting Applications are experiencing new-found growth in their business due to increasing Parental concerns and anxiety.    As per the founder of StudyMonitor, Mr. Naresh, “Parents are reading different types of news reports of children getting harmed every day. Safety has become their primary concern and they are ready to pay for it”.   […]

Best Practices

25 Best APIs to give your Business a Head-Start

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Integration of APIs is one of the most effective ways to build new features in online businesses and increase their revenue and growth. It is always wise to Buy than Build. Smartly chosen APIs not only save time but are also quality-driven and cost-effective. In this article, we’ve highlighted a curated collection of 25 best […]