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PrimeMessenger enables better conversations on Social Communities, Marketplaces, Classified Platforms, and many other online businesses. The increase in engagement achieved with it and the numerous use cases it solves propels growth in your business.

At PrimeMessenger, we know how challenging it is to keep users hooked. That is why we are continually updating our product in ways that help your users.

We’re glad to bring to you the following new developments in PrimeMessenger that are being released now:



Meta-messages are information of actions and notable events happening in conversations / chats. These increase the quality of conversations and at many times add useful context.

Examples: Addition of new members in Group Conversations, update in Group Name or Profile Photo, Member leaving a Group, etc.

Currently, meta-messages are posted for pre-defined events, and our future upgrades will provide API functions for custom meta-messages.


Enhanced User Interface & User Experience

The success of your app and online business depends on a combination of factors, but the overall user experience tops them all. So, we give a lot of emphasis to user experience (UX).

PrimeMessenger’s pre-built Chat UI provides optimal messaging experiences, and it is now more friendly and interactive than before. Some of the enhancements we’ve made to the UI & UX are:

  • Revamped iOS interface for Recent, Contacts and Conversation screens, and new header.
  • New capabilities to make search much easier in iOS interface.
  • Polished up the Web interface by replacing tabs with easy to select dropdowns.
  • Active Contacts look more intuitive now in Android interface.
  • Creating group is now more user friendly with new Android interface.
  • Many minor UI improvements.


Global Access to initiate 1-to-1 and Group Conversations

It is now much easier to start new 1-1 and Group Conversations with the globally accessible and interactive “+” button in PrimeMessenger’s pre-built Chat UI. In the mobile app interfaces, this button comes attractively in a floating manner.

Example: Earlier, new group conversations could only be started from the “Groups” screen, but now they can also be initiated from “Contacts” or “Recent Conversations” screens.


The above enhancements are being released for all 3 interfaces: Web, iOS & Android. Below is a list of enhancements that we’re releasing for specific interfaces:



  • Mute Notifications: Easily select a conversation you’re no longer interested in and mute notifications from that.
  • Download Photos to Local Storage: Download the images received in conversations to local device storage.
  • Under-the-hood bug fixes.



  • Caching: To improve user experience on App launch, and to make it smooth, we have implemented caching in the iOS App Client.
  • Connection Status: Status bar indicates if internet connection is lost.
  • Under-the-hood bug fixes and stability improvements.


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