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People were making plans and packing up yet another box of fireworks to welcome the new year, and our team with a deep sense of gratitude was working to give new things to our customers who’ve made 2019 our best year so far.

We at, with our eyes fixed on enabling better user-to-user conversations, are doing everything in that direction by adapting and evolving to the challenges that arose in 2019.

In this article, we’ll cover everything new that we’ve come up with in the start of 2020.

Fully Customizable JavaScript UI Kit

With a growing clientele serving multiple use-cases, we felt that we should go beyond the pre-built UI which has few capabilities for customizations. Our customers should be able to do more customizations to make their chat interface visually adapt to their needs. 

In the spirit of giving power of UI customizations, has launched our JavaScript UI Kit which will provide flexibility to our clients to build chat exactly how they want, and unbelievably quickly. It enables achieving a beautiful chat app interface for all use-cases like live chat, online consultation & tutoring, team collaboration, messaging, customer support and gaming chat. Android & iOS UI SDKs also provide flexibility to craft chat interface of your choice for Mobile Applications.

More customization options in Pre-built Web UI’s Pre-built Web UI is our most prominently used Chat Interface yet. It’s all about its simplicity and ready-to-use property which our clients find very useful. This Chat & Messaging UI can be added to websites by simply adding a code snippet. 

Our Pre-built Web UI is now better with more customization capabilities like:

  • Hide / Unhide options available in the Main Chat Interface header.
  • Allows changing the z-Index property of Chat launcher and screens.
  • Choose which all tabs from Recent, Contacts, Groups and Calls (if using Video & Voice Calling Feature Add-on) you want in the pre-built UI and also that which of these would be the default one.
  • Option to define the default state of the Chat launcher i.e Hidden or Visible.
  • and many more…

You can achieve the above-mentioned customizations by using our pre-built UI’s latest code snippet from here.

New Webhooks

To serve maximum possible use-cases with Chat, and to enable our Clients do more, we’ve built more webhooks. Check our Chat API documentation here for the list of webhooks that we currently support. 

Updates to Android UI SDK for Chat

To provide a better chat experience for Android users, we’ve upgraded Android UI SDK with some improvements and features that were already launched in our iOS UI SDK. Find below what’s new in this version:

  • Save unsent drafts so that your message will wait for you even if you close the app and come back at a later time. These will be easily identifiable with the label [draft] mentioned in front of the conversations in which you’ve previously written. 

  • Swipe Media Support to provide you capabilities to easily access all shared images and videos in a conversation with Swipe to Left or Right.
  • Rich URL Preview to make 1-to-1 and Group chat among your users more engaging and eye-soothing. There will be better interaction of users with such messages containing links, and it can also increase link sharing activities on your powered Chat feature.

  • Interactive Call Cards for Missed Calls is important so that users prominently see that they’ve missed calls, and are easily able to call back. To facilitate this, we have added Interactive Cards in the conversation screen for Missed Calls. 

  • Video call Resolution to provide the capability to the users to define resolution in the video call, according to network.
  • Special Characters Support in Push Notifications.
  • Crushed multiple bugs.

To get all the above-mentioned improvements in your Android App, upgrade your App with’s latest Android UI SDK , or reach out to our support team if you / your developer needs help.

What else is in this update?

  1. Improvements in Dashboard with some bug fixes, UI and UX improvements.
  2. Crushed some bugs in Pre-built Web UI.
  3. You can allow your application users to view all other application users inside the pre-built chat interfaces of Search / List Users.
  4. Crushed some bugs and did improvements in iOS SDKs.
  5. Improvements towards making our developer documentation, more developer-friendly.

Want to see our Product’s Demos?’s Demos will give you a good idea of how our product works, and also how it can help in increasing engagement and retention, and help you serve your users better.

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