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New Add-on: Email Fallback for Unread Chat Messages3 min read

It is important for applications to keep users engaged, and not miss any important messages when they are offline as this can lead to missing out some critical information, a business opportunity, and also leads to a drop in engagement – an important metric for business growth.

We’re excited to announce a solution to this problem with the Email Fallback add-on. This allows you to define message fallback duration in which if a message is not delivered to the end-user then the message will be delivered through email as a fallback.

One of the most common reasons for non-delivery of messages is users not having opened the app for a long time, and hence this feature can also enable you to bring back dormant users and ensure the chain of communication continues.

For example, if you have configured “Email Fallback Time” with 20 mins. Now, if user A sends a message to user B and user B is not connected to the internet then after 20 mins, an email will be triggered to user B with the message text.

NOTE: leverage Amazon Simple Email Service to send fallback emails.

Benefits of Email Fallback / Email Notification Add-on

  1. Allows users to know if someone has sent them a message so that they can revert and this will lead to increased user engagement
  2. Increases open-rate of application
  3.  Sending an email notification about recent chat activity can be incredibly powerful in increasing retention
  4. Open up windows for higher business opportunities

How to enable & configure Email Fallback Add-on for my Application?

  1. Drop an email to to get the add-on enabled for you
  2. Upon enabling, you will see an option to edit the Email Fallback feature in your Dashboard
  1. You need to configure the Email Fallback Settings which includes SMTP details, Sender details, Email Fallback Time, Template Subject & Body as shown in the screenshot
  • For getting SMTP details, you must have SMTP setup done in your AWS account (as we are using Amazon Simple Email Service – SES)
  • Sender details include your Sender Email and Sender Name. This Email should be verified in your AWS account as well
  • Email Fallback Time is the duration in which if the recipient has not read the message, then the message will be delivered to them via an email
  • Template Subject is the subject of the email templates
  • Template HTML Body is the HTML template of the email that will be sent to the recipients

4. The last step would be to request the AWS Support Team to move your account out of the Amazon SES sandbox and increase your daily email sending limit quota. Skip this step if you’re already using Amazon SES

Note: Our support team would assist you with all these steps or any queries you might have while configuring the Email Fallback Add-on.

Email Fallback / Email Notification examples

1. This type of email fallback / email notification shows a recipient the messages they received on powered Chat in your App

2. This email fallback gives a brief to the recipient about the messages received with the sender name, some meta-information (if any), and the count of unread messages in the chat Email Fallback Add-on allows you to define any type of email template you want of your choice. 

Now that you understand how helpful Email Fallback Add-on would be for your app’s and business growth and how you can configure it easily, get this add-on enabled for you Today! 

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