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Welcome to the World of Live Shopping on Shoplazza! Yes you heard it right. launches Live Shopping on Shoplazza.

The world of e-commerce has continued to evolve, and this has left Consumer Brands across Industries, D2C Brands, and E-commerce Merchants always on their toes seeking new ways to reach out to their buyers, spread Brand Awareness and Boost Sales. One of the major strategies that continues to gain traction is Live Shopping. With the introduction of Live Shopping Platform, brands are able to achieve their desired Sales by taking advantage of Livestream Shopping. 

Continuing the development of Live Shopping Platform we are happy to announce the rollout of our Integration with Shoplazza. Now Shoplazza store owners can adopt Live Shopping, by simply installing our App: Live Shopping by

Gone are the days of static product images and uninspiring descriptions! Live Shopping opens up a whole new world of possibilities to sell live for retailers on Shoplazza.

Lets learn about Shoplazza

Shoplazza is an easy-to-use ecommerce platform for people who want to sell online. It’s ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small home businesses to large enterprises.

With Shoplazza, you can start your online store or migrate an existing one to the platform in just a few clicks. Once your store is created, you can customize it yourself, without the help of a designer or a web developer.

Benefits of Live Shopping for Shoplazza

Using Live Stream Shopping for Shoplazza Stores is the new way of selling online. It helps you deliver better Product Experiences and Buyer Retention that online shopping lacks. It can give your store the boost needed for growth and broader reach amongst buyers. Listed below are some of the benefits of Live Shopping, but there are many more depending on how you use it:

  • Improved conversion rates, session time, and buyer engagement
  • Increased repeat visits
  • Enhanced product experience and better customer mindshare
  • Gather real-time analytics
  • Increased sales with accelerated purchase decisions
  • Higher net promoter score (NPS) and repeat customer rate
  • Lowered customer acquisition cost (CAC) and optimized advertising spends

How to Get Started with Shoplazza?

Step 1: Install the Live Shopping by App from the Shoplazza App Store

Install the Live Shopping by App from the Shoplazza App Store

Step 2: After successful installation, create your account, select the subscription Plan as per your requirement and complete the sign-up process

Step 3: Now you will be redirected to your “Live Shopping & Video Streams – Dashboard”, also called the “Production Dashboard”. Here, you can Create an Event, Add a host, Add and Promote Products, Event Analytics, etc

Production dashboard of Live Shopping Platform

Step 4: The Live Shop page will be automatically added to your Store, and by default the URL of this page will be “/pages/streams”. It will display all of your scheduled and published Shopping Shows

Step 5: The hosts can easily Go Live using the iOS and Android Host App.

Refer to the Help Center Article to know in depth.

Ready to adopt the Modern way to Sell LIVE on Shoplazza?

With Live Shopping on Shoplazza, the power to sell and promote products, connect with buyers and be part of a vibrant community is at your fingertips. Are you ready to take the advantage? Live Shopping Platform offers Shoplazza merchants one of the simplest and effective ways to sell live on Shoplazza. Whether you’re a Large Brand or just launching your online store, you’ll be able to use our App to go live and start selling effortlessly. 

If you have any further questions or feedback, we are happy to help. Please contact our team at or book a free DEMO to get started. 

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