Live Shopping Calendar Q3 2024: Key Dates & Use Cases2 min read

Maximize Sales with our Live Shopping Calendar Q3 2024. Discover key dates and creative use cases to engage customers and boost revenue

Creating a strategic Live Shopping Calendar for Q3 2024 is essential for ecommerce brands looking to connect with global commerce rhythms and consumer interests during the third quarter. By aligning Live Shopping events with Key Dates and Holidays, brands can deliver targeted promotions that resonate deeply with Buyers.

Why is Consistent Engagement Key?

Consistent engagement through regular Live Shopping shows helps brands maintain a connection with their audience, boosting sales, buyer engagement, and retention. This calendar not only serves as a roadmap for planned promotions but also helps in forecasting inventory needs and marketing efforts.
Live Shopping Calendar Q3 2024: Key Dates & Use Cases

Exploring July: Key Dates & Holidays

? July 1: Canada Day

? July 4: Independence Day (US)

? July 7: World Chocolate Day

July 1: Canada Day

  • Patriotic Fashion Showcase:  Highlight Canadian designers and red-and-white themed apparel in a vibrant live shopping session to celebrate national pride.
  • Canadian Craft Showcase:  Feature products from local artisans and crafters, perfect for those looking to support homegrown talent.

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July 4: Independence Day (US) 

  • Backyard Bash Essentials:  From grills to patriotic decor, showcase products that are essential for the perfect Fourth of July party.
  • Fashion Live Stream:  Display festive outfits and accessories that cater to Independence Day celebrations.

July 7: World Chocolate Day 

  • Gourmet Chocolate Tasting:  Host a live tasting event featuring luxury chocolates and confections, perfect for chocolate lovers.
  •  Baking with Chocolate:  Conduct a live cooking show demonstrating decadent chocolate recipes and selling the necessary baking tools and ingredients.

Bonus: Apart from the use cases mentioned in the Article, brands can also experiment with other content types. Here are some ideas.

Exploring September: Key Dates & Holidays

?️ September 2: Labor Day (US)

?? September 11: Patriot Day (US)

? September 27: World Tourism Day

September 2: Labor Day (US) 

  • End-of-Summer Deals:  Kick off the event with live shopping specials on summer apparel, outdoor equipment, and more as consumers prepare for the transition to fall.
  • DIY Home Project Tips:  Engage audiences with a live demonstration of home improvement projects and tools ideal for Labor Day weekend.

September 11: Patriot Day (US) 

  •  Tribute Accessories and Apparel:  Offer special products like flags, commemorative clothing, and accessories to honor the day.
  •  Storytelling Hour:  Share stories of resilience and feature products from brands that support veterans and first responders.
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September 27: World Tourism Day 

  • Travel Essentials Showcase:  Highlight must-have items for travelers, from versatile clothing to gadgets, in a dynamic live shopping event.
  • Virtual Tour Experience:  Partner with travel influencers to take viewers on virtual tours of popular destinations, showcasing travel gear and booking deals live.

Plan your Success with Live Shopping

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