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Language is no-barrier in exchanging messages: Introducing Real-time Chat Translation ---- 2 min read

At, we are relentlessly innovating our Chat API, SDKs and UI Kits to enable better user-to-user conversations in all types of apps. We continuously listen to our customers and come up with new developments. We’re super stoked to release our new feature add-on: Real-time Language Translation. customers can now allow their users from different countries or regions to exchange messages with anyone regardless of any language barrier. 

Previously translating a message received in some other language was a long task as it involved copying and pasting the message on a translation app and then finally checking the translated message and returning back to the chat to reply.

As these number of steps were involved in a simple translation process, this led to delay in reverting back to a chat message, and ultimately one would miss the chance to participate in an ongoing chat as the conversion would have moved on.

To make multi-lingual chatting easy and smooth, we are excited to introduce our new Real-time Language Translation feature with which users can translate messages to their native language within the chat screen, via just a single tap. 

So now your users can keep up with any chat conversation in any language in real time.

Note: Translations on are powered by Google Translate.

How to get this feature?

Drop us an email at and get this feature enabled for you at a very low one-time cost of $79.

What’s coming up next?

  • Email Fallback of Chat to avoid users missing any incoming messages.
  • Powerful React Native Chat UI Kit with all essential chat components.

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