Introducing the new iOS Chat UI Kit ---- 2 min read

At, we are hard at work to enable better user-to-user conversations in all types of apps and are doing everything in that direction. We continuously listen to our customers and come up with new releases. We’re super stoked to release our new UI Kit for implementing Chat in iOS Apps.

With this new iOS Chat UI Kit, our customers can easily integrate a beautiful modern chat experience into their applications in just a few hours and can easily customize it to craft a chat interface of their choice.

Until now, our iOS UI Kit had limited functionalities, fewer customization options, and no support for the dark theme. However, this new Chat UI Kit provides many new features and increased flexibility for customizations.

iOS UI Kit in light theme
iOS UI Kit in dark theme

Which all screens are available in the new iOS UI Kit?

  1. Recent Conversations / Chats Listing
  2. Conversation
  3. Contacts Listing
  4. User Profile
  5. Create Group
  6. Groups Listing
  7. Group Profile
  8. Contacts Listing
  9. Blocked Users Listing
  10. Forward Messages
  11. Contacts and Groups Search

Conversation Screen includes advanced pre-built features like:

  1. Image, Audio, Video, and Documents sharing with thumbnails
  2. Location Sharing with thumbnails
  3. Stickers & GIFs sharing with thumbnails
  4. Rich Link Previews Support
  5. @mentions in group conversations
  6. Quote / Reply messages
  7. Reactions on messages

It’s super easy to integrate and customize these feature-rich iOS UI Kit screens in your iOS Apps. To learn more about how to integrate iOS UI kits of, and all the customization options you have, please check our developer documentation here.

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We’re excited to help you achieve many possibilities with Chat!

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