Introducing Multi-topic Conversations

Introducing Multi-topic Conversations ---- 2 min read enables developers and businesses to integrate in-app messaging features in their Websites & Mobile Apps, for user-to-user, user-to-business, and B2B communication.


In many scenarios, you would want multiple 1-1 conversations to exist between such entities, with each conversation being related to a different topic. Many times, users would also want to keep their conversations with others organized based on topics they had discussed, instead of having a single long conversation where it’s hard to find an old message.


Our new feature: Multi-topic one-to-one Conversations, enables these very well. While the in-app chat API supported such conversations earlier too, our pre-built UI and solutions also support it now.


Why stop at the thought? Let’s explore what this is, and how it will benefit users.


What are Multi-topic One-to-One Conversations?

The new upgrade of allows creating multiple group chats between only two users, which they can name based on the topic they want to use it for.

Examples, please!
  1. While planning for an upcoming trip a user’s conversation with a friend goes on with hundreds of incoherent messages. Without multi-topic conversations, and with a single long conversation, if the friend wants to check the list of things that user had shared with him to carry, he needs to scroll up hundreds of messages, which would be extremely annoying. With multi-topic conversations, users can create a separate conversation for such one-off topics.
  2. If yours is a marketplace platform, you would want order specific conversations to be created between customers and service providers. Multi-topic conversations are helpful for this.
Benefits for users
  1. Structured chat experience with topic-based conversations.
  2. No scrolling through a long conversation to search a message.
  3. Enables more in-depth conversations without distracting to other topics.
Benefits for you
  1. Happy users.
  2. More control on conversations / channels.


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