How to add Live Shopping on Ecommerce Platforms in 10 Minutes

How to add Live Shopping on Ecommerce Platforms in 10 Minutes ---- 4 min read

Live Shopping has found its rightful place in the retail world, and it’s serving a multitude of benefits for Ecommerce brands across industries. The adoption of Live Shopping in Ecommerce is not a sudden event as the technology has been present in the sector for several years now. 

So if you’re a consumer brand, there is tremendous value in setting up your own Ecommerce Store and integrating with a reliable Live Shopping Platform. This gives you more control over your buyer experiences and data and boosts the engagement of buyers with your brand.

There are certainly many more perks of integrating a reliable Live Shopping Platform which makes Live Shopping an Effective Sales and Marketing Tool for brands across industries. Live Shopping Platform is one such platform that enables Consumer Brands across Industries, D2C Brands, and E-commerce Merchants to add Live Shopping Experiences to Websites and Apps effortlessly.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps of how to add Live Stream Shopping on Ecommerce Platform within 10 mins. Yes, you heard it right, within just 10 mins.

What makes our Live Shopping Platform different from others is its versatility to integrate with any eCommerce platform. So irrespective of the eCommerce platform you are on you can integrate live shopping technology on your app or website to turn it into an shoppable video streaming app within 10 minutes and start selling live instantly.

Live Shopping & Video Streams Integration with eCommerce Platforms

How to add Live Stream Shopping on Ecommerce Platforms in 10 minutes is a popular query among most brands opting for Live Shopping for the first time. That’s why we have curated some simple steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Creation of Account

Sign up for a account, select a subscription plan, and complete the sign-up process. Once it is done you’ll be taken to your Production Dashboard.

Step 2: Installing the “Live Shopping and Video Streams” Plugin

For the below popular e-commerce platforms, we have plug-and-play integration plugins/apps available. And extensions for other e-commerce platforms will be released soon. Install & activate the plugins on their respective platform:







After the plugin has been successfully configured, your Live Shop Page URL can be found in the Production Dashboard. You will automatically have the Live Shop page created on your website at a URL like [WEBSITE-DOMAIN]/pages/streams, [WEBSITE-DOMAIN]/streams. Our platform enables Live Shopping Shows to happen within your Website. You can also integrate within your app to make it a  shoppable video streaming app. Hence, all increases in Buyer engagement and retention stay within your website.

Installing Live Shopping and Video Streams Plugin

Step 3: Going LIVE

You are now ready to create Shopping Shows in your Production Dashboard, and they will be visible in the Live Shop on your store to make it a D2C Live Ecommerce Platform. Promote your Shopping Shows on your Social Media handles, Email Newsletters, etc to get large buyer audiences.

Easily go Live from our iOS or Android Host Apps, with the details of the chosen hosts for the Shopping Shows. Isn’t it so quick!

Live Shopping Shows can also be streamed via Custom RTMP Support of our Platform. Brands can use external cameras and professional videography setups via Streaming Softwares like OBS, vMix, Ecamm, etc and go Live.

Read More: Launching Custom RTMP Support for Live Stream Shopping.

Going LIVE from Live Shopping Platform

Using Embed Code to Live Stream on any Website

Additionally, with our Embedded Shopping Shows feature, brands can easily add Shopping Shows, both Live and Recorded, on their websites as well as any other web pages by simply Embedding a small Code Snippet. Shopping Shows can also be embedded on partner and 3rd-party websites, and can hence simultaneously Go Live at multiple places.
Read More Here.

What’s more: Shoppable Videos

After witnessing immense success with the Live Shopping Platform, has taken the next giant leap by introducing Shoppable Videos to its arsenal of Video Commerce Solutions.

Read More here.

The adoption of live streaming in Ecommerce is becoming a market norm, especially in recent years. That’s why Livestream Shopping Platform has made the integration of live streaming and Ecommerce an instant process. We hope this blog can help you on how to add Live Stream Shopping on Ecommerce Platforms in 10 minutes.

Moreover, when we onboard new clients, we show them the complete DEMO of our Platform and how to integrate it. Clients can also use our Help Center and Blogs to add Live Stream Shopping to their E-commerce Platform. It does not matter whether you belong to the fashion or the healthcare industry, you can use it even as a D2C Live Ecommerce Platform. All this makes the whole process of integration quick and effortless for our clients.

Book our Free DEMO today or contact us at and get started immediately.

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